I would appreciate some opinions (Watts application)

  1. I passed the entrance test last month. Now I'm getting ready to send in my application and a reference from my boss is holding it up. I have 2 other references (personal friends, one I've known 15 years, the other is a police officer I've known for 3 years). I have my transcripts and the application filled out. Here's where I need opinions: my boss is a great guy, I've worked for him for 11 years, but he's been sitting on my referral form for over a month. When I remind him about it, he gets sort of defensive. I'm worried that he doesn't really want to do it (long story short - I think he's afraid of losing me).

    Should I send in my application short one reference, explaining that I will forward it when I get it; should I have someone else write a reference (I have no other employers who could do it so it would have to be a third personal reference), should I hold the application until he gets it back to me?

    I really don't want to wait on him since it seems that his "issues" might be causing a hold up, but I don't really know which alternative is better. I aced the entrance tests, and I think my essay is pretty good, I hate depending on someone else's timetable.
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  3. by   NC Girl BSN
    Get another form and have someone else to fill it out. Don't lose out because he is not cooperating. Those schools don't mess around with incomplete applications. There are so many knocking at the door.
  4. by   DaniGrrl
    You're right.

    I think this worked out for the best anyway. A friend who is a doula (I had forgotten she was) offered to do it for me. I should be sending out my application packet this week! WooT!
  5. by   indiangirl77
    I wanted to know if you took the pre-admission test once? I thought the time was limited but I found it quite crazy. We had only 30 minutes to answer 90 questions for the first part and 15 minutes for the second part of reading which consisted of 40 questions did you experience the same thing? I don't know maybe Im stupid or something but we spent 15 minutes doing the paperwork. In the book it states that your suppose to get and hour what the ham you know. Now I dont know if I should have just marked answers instead of trying to actually get them correct any advice?
  6. by   DaniGrrl
    Yeah, I only took it once. We did two test sections, on the website they refer to three sections, I think that's why there was a time difference. I really think that the big challenge on that test is time, the questions themselves aren't that difficult, really. I tried to be as correct as possible, as quickly as possible, so that's the best advice I can give.