Guilford Tech Fall 2012 Nursing Program

  1. New to but, I just applied for Nursing School at GTCC and I am so anxious to find out what points are getting accepted! Just wondering how many have applied and what their point range was? That Tea's V was a butt Kicker for me! So anxious to get a letter!
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  3. by   ark88
    Hello Ready2beAccepted! Congratulations on applying to the nursing program! I applied to GTCC and the Teas V kicked my butt as well. I have 46 points and I hear that there were a little more than 100 applicants, but all of those applicants did not pass their Teas. I think the point range is lower this year because of the Teas V being so hard to pass, but I am not positive. I will be going into admissions sometime this week to get the definite number of applicants that will be considered for the program. How did you make out with the points?
  4. by   Ready2beAccepted
    Thank you for responding I also heard that the point range was lower but, you know how it is, everybody always has something different to say about the nursing program: what needs to be done and who will and will not be accepted lol! I have 42 points! I knew I wanted to apply before my points for bio 166 would be counted so I made it a point to get an A in 165, so those are the points I stand with as of now! I am in 166 currently, so if I do get accepted (fingers and toes crossed) I will have all my pre-reqs out of the way I had to re take my Teas V and still only passed by 2 points I feel like I, (as well as others) under estimated the test. If I had of started preparing for it before Christmas, I feel I could of done much better! But the Math and English kicked my butt, Science and Reading was a breeze I Heard as of last week sometime only 40 people had passed the test but, I also know of many people who took the test the day of the deadline, so who knows! I just wish they would send letters out sooner then March because I can not spend over a month obessing over this lol
  5. by   ark88
    I feel the exact same way about the Teas V! I took it once and got a 67.8! When my score popped up I about cried my eyes out because I thought I terrible. Thank goodness we both passed! Congratulations on your A in Bio 165! I ended up getting a B in that class. I am taking Bio 166 in the summer and hoping I will do decent! haha The math and english were definitely the worst of the exam. They definitely make it a point to weed people out. Only 40 people out of all of the applicants had passed the Teas you said? Wow... Where did you hear this?! I cannot stop obsessing over it either! Glad to know I'm not the only one.... I think the advisors are getting sick of seeing me... Thank goodness AllNurses is here to keep us halfway sane until we get our letters!
  6. by   Lmthompson87
    Hello Ladies! (assuming you both are ladies , I shouldn't assume.) I also have applied for the Fall 2012 ADN Program. You aren't the only one's sitting on pins and needles. It would be fantastic if they would send letters out earlier than March. The stress of the wait isn't good for our health!

    I only have a Summer 2011 and Fall 2011 for points so I only have 45. I am currently taking my last 5 pre-req classes and have all A's so far. A&P I and II were hard but I thoroughly enjoyed them. I got an A in I and a B in II. I was mortified when I took my TEAS V and saw my score until I went in for my MAR and she told me my score was one of the highest she has, I can only assume that the TEAS V is purposely made VERY difficult so they ensure they get the cream of the crop, so to speak. My score was 79.3%.

    I have been checking allnurses everyday to see what others have gotten. I will cry if I don't make it into the Fall program, but then again, I will probably cry if I do too! /

    We can be here to support each other over our agonizing wait. Good luck to all of us!!
  7. by   Ready2beAccepted
    Not 40 all together just 40 as of last week....the 26th of jan a counsler told me 20 or 21 had only passed with only a 1 1/2 weeks to go ........she said, " I dont know how any of y all are passing this new Teas." lol But have you heard a "safe" point range?
  8. by   Ready2beAccepted
    Yes I am a Girl and ummm..... a 79 hahahah you did wayyyy better than me... I BARELY passed. I was scared to apply with my score being so low but the guy who did my application assured me that they are just looking for the fact that I passed lol and I will DEF cry either way... I cry riding down the road at the mere fact that I even got past the TEAS and was able to even apply.
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  9. by   ark88
    Ready2beAccepted, I have not heard anything about a "safe" range. I would like to know as well. Maybe my visit to admissions tomorrow will help? I'll keep you posted on what I find out! or maybe Lmthompson87 knows? I think were going to dig and dig for more information (for reassurance) until we get a letter.... haha

    Lmthompson87, Congratulations on your high Teas score!!! What an accomplishment! and I am a woman as well!
  10. by   Lmthompson87
    i tried to ask what a safe point range was and the answer i got is, "it depends on the applicant pool." i hate when they answer questions like that. i e-mailed the nursing dept. chair and asked, "could you give me a ball-park range for competitive points to gain admission into the fall program?" she responded with, "there is no magic number for points – it depends on the applicant pool. i have seen students with 45 points make it and at other times 45 points is not enough."

    well, sounds to me like if only 40 or so passed the teas and they accept up to 80 applicants every fall, we should be a shoe in...but, that sounds too good to be true. and you know how the saying goes, "if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is."

    (the different font size and color above is because i copied and pasted the conversation directly from my e-mail.)

    i think i saw on another thread where someone said they got and 85 or 86 on the teas v!!! they have got to be geniuses!!!!!
  11. by   Ready2beAccepted
    they need to be applying to be a Dr. lol JK I dont think the test would be that hard for high school graduates but, I got out of high school eight years ago and I Def do not remember most of that stuff and some of it ( alot of it) I never even had. The counsler did tell me some people made As or Bs but it was rare and they were usually young "robotic younsters" <-------------direct quote
    Well if your worried about it with 45 points and almost an 80 on your teas then I need to take my 42 points and start finding other schools to apply to for back up. I agree that it sounds to good to be true and there has def got to be more than 40 ppl who passed but with that being said, " I still think that the number of applicants who applied are lower than normal due to the new version of the test. The counsler told me yesterday that usually my 42 points would be crushed because alot of people have 60 plus points but it didnt matter because they couldnt get past the Teas to even be considered for ranking...ughhhhhhh hurry letters.. I even would be happy with an alternate spot because a nursing student who started this past fall said almost all of the alternates got in down to below 30 points ...who knows... to much he, said she said...
  12. by   Lmthompson87
    I would love to take stock in the rumors! But, I will believe it when I see my letter. I thought the TEAS was so-so, but not too hard until I saw my score and thought I was an idiot. I have been out of high school for 25 years, so I KNOW I didn't study half the stuff the kids study today. I'm 43 years old this May...changing my career path. I don't want to be close to retirement when I finally make it into the program. LOL
  13. by   Lmthompson87
    Now we all have our avatars up. Good to put faces to the conversations.
  14. by   Ready2beAccepted
    haha you are no where near CLOSE to retirement and I have faith and hope you will get in....just hope I can come along also YES...the rumors are insane. Everytime I get a question from someone wanting to know info about the nursing program I always start my answer with ....well, it depends on what information you want to know and from which of the 2500 people who have ALL told me DIFFERENT things lol. Also this is the story I tell Everybody who talks about going back to school later in life grandfather went to MD school at 79 because he was bored and never praticed with his degree.. so it is NEVER to late