got in trouble once in my life and no one will give me a chance

  1. Hi, im an LPN with a big problem.. I got arrested for posession of drug paraphenelia ( how ever u spell it) and cocaine. It wasnt mine but it was in my car. i lost my job because of it. i have since completed a 90/96 program and have been cleared by the NCBON. Meaning i have no restrictions on my license to practice and all charges have been dismissed. I am honest with potential employers and i live in the Bible belt . I thought i would be given at least one chance to go to work, being in a christian town of church goers. I have found that no one practices what they preach. I cant tell you how many DON's have "wanted me" but then dont have the decency to call and tell me that they don't. If anyone has a suggestion as to how i can get a job or how they worked through a similar situation please let me know. I am broken hearted that i can no longer practice my profession due to a mistake that wasnt mine to begin with.
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  3. by   sissykim
    I hope by now you have found a job but if not...Stop crying and get moving. Apply apply and then apply again. Do not be discouraged. you are competeing with a world economy, so why should they hire you just because you applied. You have to show you really want the job short of begging. Yes, the nursing world and health care mirrors society. We were not immuned to the financial woes. So, compete my dear and apply, away, and apply again. Market yourself. Get your resume shinned and hand it out, then send to the nuse-web sites, sent it to career builders, send it to every hospital in your area and beyond. Spend the money it is worth it. Join ANA and nursing associations in your area and feild. Network go to job fairs. And tell no one about your past again. Some will never know until and unless you say something. Keep it to youself.

  4. by   caliotter3
    Also reminding you that people who do not share your circumstances are likewise "ignored" by the DON when they are seeking work. You just have to keep at it until you get what you want. Good luck.
  5. by   AshleyA
    Plenty of us don't have any criminal history and are having the same problems at getting a job as you. It has nothing to do with your past or their religion, it's just a tough job market.
  6. by   FancyRN
    Another point - if you don't have to be specific about the charges, then don't. Just let potential employers who ask know that an acquaintance left their possessions in your vehicle and they charged you when it was found. For some reason, it makes a difference to people whether the drug is marijuana, cocaine, prescription meds, etc.
    I'm sorry for the difficult time you are having & wish you good the others said...keep applying, etc....I'm relocating & am struggling finding a job as well....Here's to us!!