Gaston College LPN School

  1. Anyone on here been through/enrolling in the Gaston College LPN program next Fall? I have some questions if you are. I am wondering what the minimum cumulative score is for acceptance? I have a 3.25 GPA in (Bio-155, CIS-110, Psy-Developmental, and English-111), my ACT score is a 21. This means I have around 11 points... I think which I hear is competitive since last year the 10s and up got in, but I know things get more and more competitive.
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  3. by   MsBG

    I am also interested in this program. I am going to the information session this coming Tuesday at 3pm. Hopefully all questions will be answered then...
  4. by   Thujone
    guess i'll be going there too, look for the tall white guy with short brown hair, haha,
  5. by   Thujone
    actually that info session is for their ADN program, not their LPN program.
  6. by   MsBG
    You're Right Brian.
    I looked at the Gaston Site and could not find an info session specfically just for LPN. It says to contact ******* directly.

    I'm still going to go. I want to apply to both programs. The deadline for RN is Dec 1st and LPN deadline is March 1 I believe.
  7. by   Thujone
    well I contacted the head of the program asking when to apply, and she said "October 3, 2011 call 704-748-1063. Thanks! b."
  8. by   garnetgirl29
    I'm in the Gaston College LPN program now(1st semester). I had 11 points & got in the first time I applied (had a 4.0 GPA & a 21 on the ACT). A friend who had 9 points was denied.
    We were just reviewed for national accreditation, but I don't know when we'll find out.
    The program runs for 3 straight semesters, Aug 2011 through Aug 2012 and I believe they accept applications from Oct 2011-March 2011. They accept 80 students and there were approx 250 applicants for this year.
  9. by   Thujone
    Thanks for your reply, garnetgirl29. I am quite shocked to hear about your friend. The LPN's program coordinator told me that for the past two years, people with 9 points and up have been accepted into the program. I have a 3.15 GPA (in the four classes), 21 on ACT and have taken all the pre-requirements. That should put me somewhere between 9 and 10 points, I believe.

    I'm actually more confused than ever about the point system, lol. I can't remember how much GPA is worth.
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  10. by   garnetgirl29
    How many points it takes to get in depends on the competition. They start with the highest points and work their way down until the seats are filled. I don't remember exactly how my points were added up except that a 21 on the ACT is worth 3 points (minimum score is 18). I had completed BIO 163, BIO 168, CIS 110, ENG 111, PSY 150, and PSY 241. (PSY 150 & 241 are required for the RN and if you have both, they take the place of PSY 110 - same with BIO 168 & 169 versus BIO 163). I earned a B in CIS 110, but had A's in the rest. The only class I did not take ahead was BIO 155(replaces NUR 118) because it always filled up before I was allowed to register. Oh, you also get a point for being on the CNA registry, which I did not have.
    Contact Stephanie Lutz (secretary) to schedule your appointment. You sit down with her, fill out a short application & if you ask, she'll go over your points with you so you'll know where you stand. She is super nice. Her office is on the 3rd floor at the Lincoln Campus, just down the hall from the LPN class.
    Her contact info is: 704-748-1063.
    Hope this helps!
  11. by   Thujone
    I hadn't heard anything about being on the CNA I registry giving one an extra point. I am on the registry, so hopefully, that will increase my chances.