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Hi Everyone! I'm new to this forum. Is anyone applying to to the spring '13 ADN program? The closer the deadline gets the more anxious I become! I hope I have enough points to get in!!!... Read More

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    Balatro- If I was you, take the TEAS again. I had 154 last application period and was put on the waiting list. Ended up being 2nd on the waiting list when school started.I am kicking myself for it. Had I taken the teas again and gotten a few extra points I could have been in now. Don't regret it. And if you could get closer now, you have a better chance in the future.

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    I too am applying for Spring 2013. I took the TEAS today for the third time. My prior grades were 76 and 69 and today I made 78. That brings my points total to 153. I'm a little doubtful about getting in because the points are usually at least 155+. I had gotten in the program two years ago with 161 (more points from version IV of the TEAS) but didn't pass the first semester. It's a tough program and only a handful actually graduate. All I can do is wait and pray. Good luck to everyone.
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    Erin, I've taken some official practice TEAS this past week and gotten a 78 and 81. I will go in and at least retake it, officially - it can't hurt.

    I have an app in at GTCC as well, their due date was the 11th and Tiffany Bryant said she should have everyone notified by the next week - so I might be okay there, but we'll see.

    Unfortunately if I don't get in at GTCC or Forsyth, I'm going to apply to the LPN program and go the slower route to becoming an RN (slower by 1 semester, so not a big deal). The way Forsyth's schedule works I wouldn't be able to redo Psych (and possibly A&PII) in the Spring and make the deadline for the Fall since grades and acceptances are based on completed courses - not courses you're currently attempting.

    Getting burnt out on being a CNA really - I've come to greatly appreciate the work they do and I love my residents dearly but it's not something I can see myself doing 1-2 years from now.
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    Im sorry you didn't pass the 1st semester. That is really unfortunate. What was so hard about it that caused you to fail? I know it is a tough program but I feel like as hard as everyone works to get in the program, the instructors should see to it that you pass and make it to the next semester. I understand I have to do my part too, but it really does upset me when I hear things like this. It just seems discouraging.
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    Balatro your TEAS score is great.. so at GTCC I think that's what they call *blowing people out of the applicant pool* lol. I think this is going to be the key to that door for you so best wishes to you. I can't believe that GTCC is going to notify people as of this week *slight panic attack* I've been a CNA for almost 9 years now so I know the feeling. I think I need to try and take the TEAS at least 1 more time since the deadline at Forsythe isn't until the 27th. It can't hurt me. So do you think they only send out the denial letters first, then the alternates, then the acceptance? I think I read that somewhere before but I'm not sure how true it is.
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    I'd like to get in at GTCC (I live in Greensboro but work in W-S), I assume Tiffany meant she'd begin notifying people the week of Sep. 17-21 but we'll see.

    I'm not sure how they'll handle letters, honestly. I know FTCC sends out denials and acceptances first, followed by waitlisted applicants.

    I was waitlisted for the LPN program at FTCC in the Fall (I only had half the pre-reqs completed) and then they notified me in July that someone had failed to complete their CNA course in time, so I was being accepted and then told me I had 3 days to get all of the paperwork in, shell out about $700 on various supplies and uniforms, etc...anyway, logistically and financially it just wasn't possible for me to do it, so I declined.

    It sucks because had it worked out for me, I'd be graduating this Summer and eligible to test and eventually work as a LPN making about twice what I do now. Though ironically, my worksite is a clinical placement for the LPN students at Forsyth so I'm training several of them and oh lord...most of them are about 19-20 years old, never worked a day as a CNA, and openly telling me they look forward to being an LPN this summer so that they won't have to change any more briefs and can just walk around handing out meds.
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    I can only imagine how you felt going through all that. The process of getting in is enough to drive a sane man INSANE. I wonder if these people understand just how much of a rollercoaster ride this is. I just try to keep busy, quote scriptures, and remind myself that God is in control.

    *rolling eyes* @ the future nurses. I hope they realize that clinical nursing will require some hands on dirty work. I hope they don't think that they'll be able to dodge it because they have an PN licensure. There are many other routes you can take in healthcare so maybe they'll find something else that fits them. I have a passion for this. I want this. When it comes to dirty work, I just think.. hey this could be me one day, so what type of care would I want to receive? That's all another story for another day. (just make sure you train them right!!

    Just ready to get the ball rolling so I can know what my next move needs to be.
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    Unfortunately where I work, the LPN attitude is pretty evenly split. There's some that won't assist with personal care, at all - no matter how simple it is. There's one in particular who I've watched walk into a room to give a resident their medicine, see that they're on the toilet (and bedpen as well; separate occasions), the resident says they're done and would like to be wiped and gotten off, this LPN will go "Yea, that's not my job." Gives the resident their medicine and walks out of the room, leaving them there and notifying no one.

    Others, will throw on a pair of gloves and clean a resident up after they've claimed the honors of the nastiest blowout of the day.

    Then again, there's also some older CNAs here too (hell, the LPNs and RNs too) (been doing it for 20+ years) that if the State Investigators saw what they did to the residents (and said to them), we'd be up **** creek in no time.
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    Hi Faith_and_favor,
    I do not know anything about GTCC but I know that at Forsyth the grades and the TEAS are added together so they compliment each other rather than weigh heavier for one or the other. You could have low grades but high TEAS or low TEAS and high grades it is the total of the 2 that matters rather than how you got to it. I also wonder what it is that causes people to fail. I see it at all schools but no one has really said what did them in. I have been trying not to think about the deadline so time would not drag! I have had everything done and in for a long time. Now I realize that the wait will be over soon YAY! I believe schools send out acceptance...then wait list...then denial but I could be wrong. At any rate best wishes to you as the time draws near! I did not see what points you had for you mind sharing? I have 171.3.
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    Hi Balatro,
    It is unfortunate that these types of people exist...but they do. My mom was recently in the hospital and I saw things that shocked me and made me see what kind of nurse I DO NOT want to be. You have to love people and actually care about their well being even if it is not in your "job description" in order to be a great nurse. Best of luck with your applications!

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