Family Suing Hospital for Invasion of Privacy

  1. Cindi Knighten was found dead at her home in Bridgeton last April. Authorities say her boyfriend, Clarence Phillips beat her so badly she died, before going to Lenoir County where he gunned down Lenoir County deputy Allen Pearson. Phillips was killed in the gunfire exchange.

    Now Cindi Knighten's family is suing Onslow Memorial Hospital for invasion of privacy. The Jacksonville Daily News says hospital employees were passing around x-rays of Knighten after her death. She had worked at the hospital in Jacksonville for more than a dozen years. A hospital spokesperson told the paper they could not comment because the litigation was still going on...
    For more details:
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  3. by   ukstudent
    Nothing in the story says how they know that the x-rays were passed around. Normally if a hospital even hears the word HIPPA, there is a full internal investigation and people get fired. Nothing in the story says that anyone has been fired, so did it really happen?
  4. by   ItsTheDude
    they've probably got at least one witness (one of her friends/coworkers, she worked there for more than a decade).