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Is there any bias against Excelsior College graduates by the North Carolina Board of Nursing? Are there any hospitals in North Carolina that will not hire Excelsior grads? I am a Georgia resident and have planned to apply for a... Read More

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    So not True! I work at WakeMed in Raleigh and did not have a problem, matter of fact, my manager just hired another Excelsior grad with no hospital experience.

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    hoping that can be me in a few months
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    hey nc girl bsn i sooo want to work at wake med and sooo scared to do the nontraditional im conflicted! dont know what to do need some good sound advice
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    I am so sorry that I forgot to call you! There is not reason to be afraid of the Excelsior program unless you plan on moving to one of the states that do not accept the program. At first I was afraid of signing up because of the 2.5 day clinical that some people where failing and posting negative things about how they tried to fail you for any little thing. That lasted for a good hot second because I can do anything that set my sights on. Focus on getting through the test. Pass those first. Some people don't even get to the clinical because they cant motivate themselves to study on their own to pass all the test.It takes alot of motivation to open up a book and follow a course outline and take a test without anyone setting deadlines for you but I did it! I completed all my test and retook 2 in 6 months. I completes the whole program in 12 months and so can you. I applied fresh out of LPN school, worked in a nursing home while doing the program and passed the clinical with NO repeats. Was it tough? Yes! Was I prepared? Yes. They tell you every thing that you need to do. There are no surprises! They are fair and want to see you succeed!
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    omg there you are!!! im so excited to see your reply! call me i want to come down to raleigh my schedule is sooo open ill give you my story and we can talk shop i tried to pm you but it said your box was full lol id like to know more about wake med ect hope to hear from u soon
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    I know an LPN who works in the Float Pool with Me is doing Excelsior for her RN, she should be finished in December I think. She is undoubtedly the best nurse (LPN or RN) I have ever seen. She works on on med Surg units and clinics. She is amazing! I think excelsior is becoming more accepted since you have to have prior LPN, paramedic, RT, or PA experience to complete it. I read that many states who wouldn't "accept" excelsior grads have since waived that notion because they just have a requirement for the Excelsior Grad to show where they have precepts with a licensed RN for x amount of hours etc.....

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