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Evening Nursing Schools???

  1. 0 Hi, I'm new here so if I've not put this in the correct area please excuse me.

    I've decided to go back to school for my nursing degree. I'm taking pre-requesites at Durham Tech and have been for the last year. I need to attend school at night. My plan was to transfer to Alamance's evening sessions for nursing school but after looking online I don't think they are offering the courses in the evening now. Can anyone help me here? I'm looking for evening or weekend or both.

    I have a good job that I can't afford to leave until I'm ready to go to work as a nurse.

    Thanks for taking the time to read
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    I don't know of any nursing schools that have evening only classes. You might can find some clinical rotations in the evening, but most programs require full time day attendance. Did you try contacting an AHEC center near you? They have a lot of info for the nursing programs in the area.
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    Mercy School of Nursing in Charlotte, NC is supposed to begin a part-time program in Fall 2009. You may want to contact them directly because I am not sure if it is listed on their website as yet. I am a student there now and I have heard talks about a part-time program starting.
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    Try ECPI in Raleigh. I friend of mine just got their LPN by going there. The evening program takes about 14 months, but the day program takes about 8 months to complete. I'm also looking into going there.
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    I heard a rumor that Watts is putting an evening/weekend program together.
    You may want to contact them to see if that's true.
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    Johnston Community College in Smithfield has an evening/weekend ADN program.

    Good luck!
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    Rowan Cabarrus CC is not in your area but they did launch an evening program this past year, a friend of mine is going through it. It was intended to be 100% evening program but some clinics she has ended up doing during a day or 2 a week.