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Hey everyone! I submitted my application to Duke University's ABSN program for fall 2013 a few weeks ago, so I wanted to get some conversation started! Is anyone else applying?!... Read More

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    On our Duke Days information it just says mid to late April. I haven't heard a specific date...I'm so sorry I don't have better information!

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    Hey everyone,
    I just wanted to add that although I paid my deposit already to hold my spot...I am likely going to be accepting the offer of a school that is closer to home and less expensive. I'm very sad about this in some ways because I really loved Duke, and I think the program will be completely amazing. From what I can tell of the cohort from the fb group, they will also be amazing. However, after some soul searching, a lot of research on the financials and an offer from my local (and still great) program, I am leaning towards staying put. Keep faith waitlisters! I am not ready to make a final decision just yet but I know some others in the same boat as me. Hang in there!
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    Hopefully we will hear by this Friday??
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    I officially sent in my decline so keep faith!
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    Anyone else waiting for waitlist? Haven't heard anyone lately.
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    The final bill for Duke's ABSN is about $109k....is that correct? I'm going to call tomorrow and confirm. I think I'm just noting that the $70,000 or $81,000 price tag only considers the terms F13, SPR14, SUM14...but graduation is FALL14, so there is one whole semester unaccounted for in that price tag they kept advertising.

    I'm unemployed and I didn't get much $$ from them. How in the world will I take out that amount of money in loans, when I already have debt from my 1st bachelors which I haven't finished paying off??

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    Today there was a webinar and someone asked how big the class is. They said they are still accepting people from the wait list so they can't say an exact number. So that's good news for you waitlisters.

    I calculated the total cost (assuming tuition doesn't increase in 2014/2015)
    Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Summer 2014, Fall 2014
    Tuition: $69,148 (estimate)
    Required Fees and Health Insurance: 6,975.75
    Rent/Housing ($848/month): 13,568
    Food ($498/month): 7,968
    Transportation ($180/month): 2,880
    Books and Supplies ($440/semester): 1,760
    Miscellaneous Expenses ($372/month) $5,952
    Total Cost of Attendance: $108,251.75
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    That is correct. I think I had $71,000 floating around in my head before until I realized the last 4th semester (school year 2014-2015) will likely cost $27k-$29k. And I cannot eat $500 in food a month. So yeah about $81k for the 1st three semesters and $29k (max) for the last semester = $110k for the program.
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    Hence my decline... I just had to be practical. Especially after they cut the tuition reimbursement and I got into an equally ranked school in my home state! It is an amazing program though and I wish you all the best!!
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    Sorry for all the questions but has anyone heard about waitlist yet? I'm trying to figure out if they've already done round 2 and they'll post the ranked waitlist or they haven't notified anyone about waitlist spots yet.

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