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Hey everyone! I submitted my application to Duke University's ABSN program for fall 2013 a few weeks ago, so I wanted to get some conversation started! Is anyone else applying?!... Read More

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    To all that were wait-listed, I had emailed my admissions officer earlier this evening and he just emailed me back saying that they will be sending out emails in 3 phases, the first being those granted an interview, the second is those wait-listed and the third for rejections so I guess we are lucky to be in the second group and not the third!
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    @mrshamilton - thanks for the info. I wonder how big the waitlist group is and when/if we find out our final standing. Trying to be optimistic but I'm still crushed.

    Also, congratulations to everyone who did get an interview! I hope we all find our path to our dreams!
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    hello all. I have been following you all on here the past several days. Congrats to all of those who get to interview. I was waitlisted as well Does anyone know if we need to contact the admissions office to tell them we want to remain on the list?
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    I am very happy and surprised that I got an interview! I am excited to go see the campus and to check out housing options.

    Good luck to everyone else! I am kind of confused by how they are doing it this year I wonder why they changed it.
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    From what I understand, we don't need to tell admissions if we want to stay on the waitlist -- only if we don't want to be on it. The school does have a ranked waitlist, but that is for students who don't get in after the interview process; that's what I'm seeing, at least. So, I'm not sure what the chances are for those who are waitlisted before the interview process. It does seem discouraging...
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    Thanks, Mrshamilton for your update!
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    Who knows how they choose people for interviews. I don't think my stats standout except for health care experience. Since graduating 5 years ago I have worked for one company in the health care field. My volunteer experience has nothing to do with health care. My gpa for undergrad was a 3.6. I speak Spanish and a little Arabic. I'm happy Duke doesn't require a GRE because my scores are way below average.
    For everyone applying to nursing school good luck. I hope we find our place.
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    Hi everyone! I have been looking at these posts for a while as well. I was also offered an interview. To give you a little about my background, I graduated from NCSU with an AG Business Degree in 2011 with a 3.81 GPA and will finish up a MA in Human Services in May of this year from Liberty University. I don't have any healthcare experience, other than having a disabled veteran husband, so Ive been in and out of the hospitals. I have worked in sales and agriculture since 2010.

    I am very excited to go to Duke Days! Although, I am worried about financial aid and paying for this program :/ Does anyone know how loans work for programs that costs this much? I went to state on a full ride and have minimal loans from Liberty. I dont even know what kinds of loans there are for an ABSN or what the qualifications are. Andy advice would be appreciated. I look forward to see some of you at Duke Days!

    Congrats to all that got invited and good luck! I think we all have fairly good chances. I was told that they invite 125 to interview for 70 slots. Not everyone will be able to afford it and others will accept offers from different schools. So I would say you probably have about a 70% chance of getting in if you were invited to an interview.... those are my thoughts anyway.
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    JordanLeigh, those are awesome odds. I was told 170/400 for interviews, but 125 is even better. And actually, they'll probably accept around 90-100 people at first because people will turn them down and then they'll probably go to the second round (or waitlist) if they need to.
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    HopefulNurse, Maybe it is 170... some in admissions told me 125 a few weeks ago, but that could have been based of last years numbers. They could have changed it. I hope its still 125 though!!

    Does anyone have any info onw hat kind of loans we qualify for? Im getting depresed right now looking at things. Looks like a lot of private loans and I dont have the best credit (no credit cards or anything to bring it up). Plus, I dont know how comfortable I am taking our loans with HUGE rates to them. Any knowledge of this?