Duke New Grad / SNIP 2013

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    Hi everyone. I haven't found a thread for this topic yet, so I decided to start one. Who else submitted their application on Feb 1st for the various new grad positions at Duke?

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    I just accepted a SNIP position Start orientation Monday! SO excited!! Good luck!!!!
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    I applied, got an email that my application was forwarded on to the hiring manager.... now just waiting. How about you?
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    I accepted a SNIP position! but I don't start until July : /
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    I applied, and received an interview.
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    Quote from esf08001
    I accepted a SNIP position! but I don't start until July : /
    What's your specialty? I am in Ortho
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    Quote from DAS225
    I applied, and received an interview.
    Good Luck!!
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    I'll be in the MICU : )
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    I got an interview for next week! Did you wear scrubs or professional attire? I've seen on these forums that some people have been told to wear scrubs, but my email didn't indicate one way or another...
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    I have a few of questions. Do they hire assoicate degree nurses? I will be doing online RN-BSN classes next fall. I will be graduating in May from my associate degree program, but probably won't get licensed for at least 2 months. When should I apply for this SNIP program? Do you know what dates they usually have the applications available and where do you find them (job search page?)? I currently live in Ohio but I read Duke will pay for relocation. Is that still true? Thanks.

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