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Hello, I am currently a senior graduating in May and I've decided this year that I want to pursue a different path than my current major. I'm a mass communication major at Miami University in... Read More

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    Quote from VegRN2Be
    Um - 22k loan payback? Are you sure about that? I've been offered a job there (am coming from out of state) and the paperwork I have says 5k after 1 year and then another 5k after 24 months. If you have that much to pay back (and I know very few who don't!). Am I getting the shirt end of the stick or could your info be rumor?
    Her information is quite accurate - if you are a Duke graduate. I've actually got the contract in my hand right now and will be turning it in tomorrow to the hospital. For us as Duke grads, it's basically a signing bonus - you don't have to have the loans to get the money. (I'm in the ABSN program here at DUSON.) $33K in agreement for working for them for three years. If it's less than that, you get whatever it is you stay for - $11K for 1, $22K for 2.

    So unfortunately the $33K is just for the folks here.
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    Exactly. Don't know anything about Duke's other signing bonuses or lack thereof. I only know that as an ABSN grad I will receive $33K (minus the huge taxes) in three installments if I work for Duke for three full years.
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    That is awesome! The fact that they have such a great sign on program to try and retain their own graduates makes me want to work for them even more!
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    I was wondering if someone could tell me how they paid for Duke accelerated program in detail.