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Alright! Since there are threads for the other entry times and we're coming up on almost 1 month until the May 1st deadline for the Spring 2013 start, who else is applying? I have a BA Degree in German from ECU, but my work... Read More

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    Jonron, they did mention that decisions would tentatively be announced on Aug 6th. Other than that, I can't add on much more since jet-lag hit me fairly hard after that part of the presentation. Haha. It would be so nice to hear decisions much sooner, that way us nursing hopefuls won't have to go through this anxious waiting game anymore!

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    I went on the 20th and all we were told was early-mid August. Sounds like you guys were told more than us....I don't recall anything about scholarships essays either.
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    1) Is the tuition really $100,000? I remember checking the website, and it seemed to be about $80,000 to me.
    2) I keep reading that there are a lot of clinical hours, so would this mean that the school helps you find a job after you graduate?
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    The current estimate we were given for tuition only was $72,000. You've got to add in your own living expenses. I'm not sure if that total includes books and fees.
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    I'm in!!!!!!!!!! Check your portal!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm so excited and freaking out!!
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    Piebird, Congratulations! I'M IN TOO! WHOOOOOOO!
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    Congrats jonron!!!!!!!!!!
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    I just saw the email...almost didn't look, but did and I got in. Congrats to everyone who has been accepted for the program! I'm literally shaking at work right now.
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    I want to join the Facebook group but I think the invite is for the wrong cohort ha!

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