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Alright! Since there are threads for the other entry times and we're coming up on almost 1 month until the May 1st deadline for the Spring 2013 start, who else is applying? I have a BA Degree in... Read More

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    What a reassuring message Dancingfree--Thank you! I keep reminding myself that the journey should be appreciated for itself (aside from our intended goals). I hope we all have as wonderful an experience as you did!
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    Hi everybody! I attended Duke Days today and just wanted to let y'all know how it went for me. Overall, I had a very good day. I was super impressed with the nursing school and its facilities, and everybody was so nice. I went on the tours before lunch and interviewed after lunch. Definitely try to eat a big breakfast - I don't think I ate enough in the morning and was kind of passing out by lunch ha. Waiting so long to interview was a little exhausting, but the good thing was that my nerves had pretty much worn off by then. Seriously, do not stress and just try to enjoy the day - it was super interesting. I know y'all are going to rock it!
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    Hey everybody. I went to Duke Days on last Friday and just wanted to say that I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the program. Duke has so much to offer its nursing students, and the faculty seem very kind and really into helping the students succeed. The facilities are outstanding and the campus is beautiful! As has been said here before, Duke days isn't something to stress about. Take the time to enjoy the day learning about the nursing program and all Duke has to offer (trust me, there is tons!) It was a blast meeting others who had applied. Best of luck to all those going this Friday!
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    I hope everyone's interview yesterday went well. For those going on Friday, just relax (like everyone else has said) and enjoy the day! There's a lot of information that they present to you throughout the day. You really get a sense of how great this program is after spending a good amount of time with the faculty, staff, and even some of the current students. Good luck to everyone!
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    [font=times]hey guys, i was just wondering if those of you who went to duke days on the 13th and 20th were also told that the admissions committee would meet this week, but that decisions are tentatively scheduled to be sent out on aug 6th?! is that right? after much hard work and dedicated creeping i saw that last year's spring cohort found out about admittance the tuesday following the last duke day. if trends continued that would be tomorrow... i'm assuming it won't be that soon because we were told at the first duke day that we probably won't hear til the 6th, but i figured might as well share what i discovered.
    also, does anyone know anything about scholarship essays? i vaguely remember some being mentioned but jet-lag had definitely kicked in by the time the financial aid portion of the day had begun, so maybe it was just hopeful delirium.
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    Jonron, they did mention that decisions would tentatively be announced on Aug 6th. Other than that, I can't add on much more since jet-lag hit me fairly hard after that part of the presentation. Haha. It would be so nice to hear decisions much sooner, that way us nursing hopefuls won't have to go through this anxious waiting game anymore!
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    I went on the 20th and all we were told was early-mid August. Sounds like you guys were told more than us....I don't recall anything about scholarships essays either.
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    1) Is the tuition really $100,000? I remember checking the website, and it seemed to be about $80,000 to me.
    2) I keep reading that there are a lot of clinical hours, so would this mean that the school helps you find a job after you graduate?
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    The current estimate we were given for tuition only was $72,000. You've got to add in your own living expenses. I'm not sure if that total includes books and fees.
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    I'm in!!!!!!!!!! Check your portal!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm so excited and freaking out!!
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    Piebird, Congratulations! I'M IN TOO! WHOOOOOOO!
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    Congrats jonron!!!!!!!!!!

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