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Alright! Since there are threads for the other entry times and we're coming up on almost 1 month until the May 1st deadline for the Spring 2013 start, who else is applying? I have a BA Degree in German from ECU, but my work... Read More

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    Keep in mind that any info you put out there about the interview is fair game for the people at Duke to read about... and then change... lol, I'm (half) kidding, but given that they've been doing an office revamp, I wouldn't be surprised if they switch a few things up at Duke Days too.

    Seriously though, I don't think the personal interview determines who is first round, second round, or waitlist (second round is not waitlist - just wanted to clarify). Pretty sure they have 98% of that already decided by the time you roll up unless your answers/behavior raise a bunch of red flags.

    Not going to comment about the group activity b/c they asked us not to... makes for a better experience if you don't know what's coming. It was fun, I promise!

    I would dress very professionally but definitely wear layers and bring a change of flats or sandals - you go on a campus tour that involves walking around outside, so you're definitely going to want to take your blazer/suit jacket off and ditch the heels.

    Stepping off the soapbox now...
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    Hi guys! I'm also interviewing! I'm coming from Florida on the 15th for the interview on the 16th!
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    Is anyone else worried about how to get loans fr this program since its a second degree? Also, does anyone have a medical background?
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    Hello Everyone!

    I've never posted on here before, but I was selected for an interview at Duke too and am planning on going on July 20th. I am very excited, but nervous at the same time. I am from Denver, CO and if I decide to go to Duke it would be a big move. I have never been to NC so I am very interested in all of your comments, suggestions, etc. about where to live, etc. I hope I will get to meet some of you on July 20th! I am also very worried about school loans and living expenses. Best of luck to everyone!!
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    Hey Christina,

    I'm not a native North Carolinian so maybe my perspective will help. The first thing to be aware of is the heat and humidity. There's nothing you can do about it except dress light, have a good A/C and stay hydrated.

    Second, depending on how close you choose to live to campus, having your own reliable transportation is critical. Things are kind of spread out here except close to the colleges and main city centers. Outside of those limited areas there isn't efficient public transportation as far as I can tell (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Riding a bike or walking would not be feasible in most areas either unless you were very close (we are not as bike accessible as CO). A cheap solution is a 50cc scooter ($700-900 new) which amazingly doesn't require a license, inspection or insurance to drive on the road here. Just a helmet and a brave heart.

    Last thing, and the best thing, is the number of hospitals in the area. Duke, UNC (Rex) and WakeMed are the big three and they are big. Starting a career here is a great idea. NC is also one of the top states people move to within the US, so there will only be a greater need in the future for nurses here as well.
    I'm not sure about cost of living expenses in Denver except that gas is cheaper there. I would check craigslist for apartment prices. I'm not sure how much it is to live in Durham because I live in Apex.

    Good luck on whatever you decide!

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    Tsmith - I know it can be hard to get loans for this program if you still have loans from undergrad to pay off. Also (and this stinks), but Duke is not known for giving much financial aid. I know multiple people on the Duke ABSN Fall 2012 thread were not happy with the financial aid packages they received... Just fyi, so it's probably good to start researching loans early.

    Yeah, the thing that kills you in the summer in NC is the humidity! So gross.

    I think if you're moving to Durham from OOS, you should bring a reliable car with you. I personally wouldn't ride a bike or scooter around Durham for safety reasons... some parts of Durham are majorly sketch. And make sure to read reviews of any apartments you're interested in online (again, the safety issue).

    I can't believe interviews start on Friday! So exciting! I hope everybody had a great 4th!
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    I am going to Duke Days this Friday, July 13th! I am super excited, but also a bit nervous due to the fact that I don't really know what to expect. It is cool to see people coming from all over the US...luckily, I am actually from Raleigh, NC so it will be a relatively short drive (about 40 minutes) for me to Duke on Friday morning. Hope to meet some of you on Friday! Good luck to all of you!
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    I just started packing for my flight, which leaves bright and early tomorrow morning! I'm excited to spend the weekend in Durham with a bunch of future nurses! Any last minutes tips on what to pack? Duke Days here we come!
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    Can't wait to meet you guys tomorrow! So excited, and NERVOUS all at the same time WooHoo for the start of Duke Days! Good luck everyone and see some of you bright and early tomorrow!!!!
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    Jonron1216 - this might be a bit late since you're probably already in flight, but I think the biggies for tomorrow are comfy shoes for the tour, layers (again for tour-I'm planning on wearing a short sleeve shirt under a suit jacket so I can look professional during the interview and remove said jacket during the most likely hot and humid outdoor tour), and randomly I always make sure I have tissues (nothing worse than having the sniffles in an interview, sadly I know this from experience :P...doesn't help with the nerves).

    Ahhhh so excited for tomorrow!!!

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