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Alright! Since there are threads for the other entry times and we're coming up on almost 1 month until the May 1st deadline for the Spring 2013 start, who else is applying? I have a BA Degree in German from ECU, but my work... Read More

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    Hi everyone! Count me in for the 13th as well. I'm flying from New Mexico.

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    Hey, I got one too, registered for July 20. I live in Durham and if I get in I will be looking for 2 roommates for my house. If any of you flying in would like a place to stay for free, I'd be more than happy to let you stay in one of the rooms. If you're coming in for the 20th, I can even pick you up at the airport!! You can contact me directly at kristalee4 at the ol' stand by aol. I hope that makes sense.
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    I chose Monday the 16th. It looks like the main parts of the day are the Faculty interview, campus tour, group interview and the CND tour.

    I'm confused about the last two. What is the CND tour? Also, if we are having a group interview, does that mean there is no longer a one on one interview?

    Look forward to seeing you there.
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    Hi everyone! I also chose July 16th. I'm so excited!!!!

    Ryan - the CND is the Duke Center for Nursing Discovery. So I believe we will be touring the School of Nursing and its facilities (the simulation lab, etc.). And I think the faculty interview is the one-on-one interview, so we do have both a one-on-one interview AND a separate group interview. Fun times!

    I can't wait to meet everybody!
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    Thanks piebird,

    Seems like it will be a pretty short one on one interview then considering the schedule that was sent out. Even if there are only 6 people per group, and there are four groups total, then each interview would be about ten minutes.

    Either way, the whole day is really an interview process.

    Take care and I'll see ya there.
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    Yeah, I have a friend who interviewed in January and I do remember her saying that the one-on-one interview only lasted about 15 minutes. I think she had a bunch of people in her group, but there were multiple interviewers. She also got the impression that decisions about acceptances had already been made, and that the interview was not weighted heavily/did not count for a ton. She really enjoyed the day and told me it wasn't stressful. So hopefully she's right ha ha.
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    I'm with piebird's friend! I think the decisions are 90% made, and the face-to-face interview is just to make sure we don't have some glaring flaw that will ruin their reputation. I think that also explains why they're such sticklers about appearing in-person, instead of offering phone interviews or skyping like some school. fingers crossed that we are all a few weeks away from lots of good news!!
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    Hi everyone! I'm interviewing on the 20th. I keep hearing that individuals invited for an interview are all technically qualified for the program, and the interview is about finding those among the qualified who are the best 'fit' for Duke. I'm interested in hearing opinions from others regarding what/who they think Duke is looking for as a best 'fit.' My thought was that they were looking for leadership qualities and maybe a desire to pursue community service endeavors. But, I'm not sure that this is much different from other good nursing schools. Any other thoughts?
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    Wanderlust - I agree with you. I think the interview is really just a "is this person normal" check ha. After all, there is only 1 one-on-one interview. Is anybody taking pre-reqs this summer? And what is everyone planning on wearing to their interview? It is so hot and humid in NC right now - so gross!
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    I talked to a girl last night who got accepted for Aug but in the second round and asked her about some of the comments I've seen here (ie interviews are just a formality). Best we could figure is that the interviews determine who gets a first round acceptance and who gets wait-listed. I asked her about the group part of the interview and she said that your group is given a problem and while you work to solve it, someone is watching the group and making notes. She said her individual interview was 5 questions, her interviewer had not even read her essays!

    Regarding what to wear, I figure we'll be inside the bulk of the day and A/C units are typically set to freezing, so keep that in mind.

    No takers on a free place to stay for your interview? I'm completely serious b/c I'll need another tenant come Jan. and this will give you a chance to meet me and see the house. I'll be asking $350 rent which includes all utilities except phone.

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