CPCC ADN Fall 2011!

  1. Anyone else attending CPCC in the fall? I just got my acceptance letter yesterday, and orientation is right around the corner! Hope to hear from some others that got accepted as well....
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  3. by   ncRNBSN715
    Congrats to you! I did not apply there but I hear that it is VERY competitive!! Way to go!
  4. by   sarabellum1
    Hey!! I just got accepted for Fall 2011 too! Congrats to both of us! Orientation is so close..I'm excited. Have you done any pre-reqs yet?
  5. by   Tarheelborn
    Congrats! Yes, I have all my pre-reqs finished except for the required communications class....I'm kind of dreading that, I'm not a big fan of public speaking!
  6. by   sarabellum1
    I still have to take that one too...ughh not gonna be fun! I'm gonna try and do the online course for it, if they still offer it. Other than that I still need to do Micro and a Humanities class. Which Humanities class did you do?
  7. by   Tarheelborn
    Micro is pretty easy, I don't think you'll have a hard time with it if you did okay in A&P....I took music appreciation for my humanities, it was really pretty boring but it wasn't hard class.
  8. by   futurern704
    hey just curious, i did not get in for the fall and am still working on A&P 2, then micro this summer. What kind of TEAS scores did you have to get in?
  9. by   sarabellum1
    On my results sheet, I got an "Adjusted Individual Total Score" of 73.5%. I think that was below the "program-mean" of 75.4%. I believe they also take in to consideration your pre-req grades as well. So.... not sure how much your TEAS test scores factor in since I was below the "mean"! Did you get on the alternate list? They may have just filled up quick. I'm sure you'll be in Spring semester if that was the case:redpinkhe
  10. by   futurern704
    No, I wasn't an alternative. I think not having all the class points hurt me. My individual adjusted score was 79.5% but will retake before applying again. Also, did you pretty much make all A's on classes which count toward points? Thanks.
  11. by   sarabellum1
    I did get all A's and one C in my pre-reqs. I guess that's what helped. Where are you doing your pre-reqs at? CPCC?
  12. by   Tyesha07
    How long did it take you to complete your pre-reqs and did you work while taking classes?
  13. by   jeskam

    I was wondering what you scored on the reading portion of the TEAS? Actually, if you'd be willing to tell me each part's grade that would be swell! I tried to PM you but didn't see the option!
  14. by   jeskam
    I guess no one is following this thread anymore?