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  1. Hello everyone! Has anyone taken A&P totally online at CPCC? Here's my situation. My hubby is not supportive of me pursuing nursing school, but I NEED to continue. I am just starting the process and I am hoping that after a year or so of pre-reqs, he'll come around. Anywho.... we have a two YO son and I work FT. CPCC offers A&P as an online class and if I sign up for that one, then hubby can't really complain (it won't "inconvenience" him in any way) or sabotage me by not coming home to take care of son so I have to miss class. Without putting too much personal stuff out there (although some might say I already have LOL), I don't have any family nearby that I could drop him off with last minute. However, during my last college courses Moses was my classmate, so I think that getting back into the physical classroom, listening to lectures and having that dedicated time would really benefit me. I've read complaints on the Pre-nursing forum that online classes you are basically teaching yourself. Can anyone tell me if that's the case at CPCC? How does it even work? I've taken one online class. It was a computer networking class. I did well, but it wasn't difficult material. I didn't learn anything, but I also didn't really care about the material. I don't know that I can use that as a good indicator. But I only have one shot with A&P and my entire future is riding on it. Can anyone tell me how the online science classes are at CPCC? Things got ugly, scary ugly, when I took my NA class. If the online classes aren't that bad, it might not be worth the extra stress on myself, marriage and family. Thanks!
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  3. by   Junebugfairy
    i am in nursing school, but i did take my pre req's at cpcc. i took them in class, however.

    yes, you do teach yourself with online classes. the material/notes are given online, and you must take the info and ensure that you learn it. it's very 'you' oriented. you are expected to take charge. it is very very different then an in class situation.

    a girlfriend of mine took a&p online and faile, the info was too detailed and in depth for her to understand without the in class lectures.

    if you are good at teaching yourself, this would be a good option.
  4. by   justwandering31
    I took the 2nd A&P online and got an A. I am not sure I would have done as well if I didn't have the foundation from the 1st A&P in the classroom. I had to be pretty disciplined about keeping up with my work and the teacher wasn't great about getting back to me on email.
  5. by   TrophyWife
    Thanks. I went with the in person class and lab. I need some guidance to get the cob webs out of my brain before I tackle this kind of material on my own. I may try Micro online in spring or next fall. Any thoughts or experience with Micro online? Thanks again!

  6. by   TrophyWife
    Thanks for the reply. I went with the "class" class . I feel I need to give myself the best chance I have for success. Can you give me some feedback on the how the tests compare - online versus in class? I was thinking that the online class tests would be easier since they are open book, right? I am not sure how I will be taking the second class or Micro. If I can succeed with the online classes, they would really suit my personal life much better. Thanks again!
  7. by   lk79
    I took both A&P I & II online @ CPCC (I am just completing A&P II this semester). I got a B in both classes. All test are taken online except the final exam. I was kind of nervous about taking the class online myself, but I think you will do fine. The test are somewhat difficult & there is alot of information to study for @ one time. If you're only taking one class I think it's manageable. I also took microbiology this semester (in class).
  8. by   eruhkah
    Hi guys,
    Just coming from an experienced CPCC student, Ive been here a few years and seen the ropes unfortunaly lol. I didnt do so well my first time around... I got a C in A&P 1, but later a B in A&P 2. **** is hands down the best anatomy teacher at CPCC and has been for years. His classes are always high demand. Both of my classes were in class because thats what they offered. But I heard the online Micro is very tough.

    With that said, online classes usually have been easier for me. But with the huge amount of material in A&P or Microbiology, I wouldn't recommend taking those online. The Anatomy may be ok online, but I highly recommend not taking Microbiology online, but thats just me. Microbiology was nearly the Death of me in school lol. I had to withdraw the first time due to stress, the second time I had a "C". I will not go into detail but the teacher I had was so ridiculous with grading. I had points taken off my test because I "doubled up" on writing on a line.. Needless to say, only about 5-10 had an "A" in our class and many dropped.
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    Thanks lk79. If you don't mind my asking, did you work (a job, of course you worked in the class ) while you took AP 2 & Micro together? Just trying to get a feel about the "do-ability" of both together with a full time job and family. Thanks.
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    Quote from df77
    Thanks. I went with the in person class and lab. I need some guidance to get the cob webs out of my brain before I tackle this kind of material on my own. I may try Micro online in spring or next fall. Any thoughts or experience with Micro online? Thanks again!


    I'm not sure if you ever came to a decision yet on your micro class (Online Vs. Classroom). I took most of my pre-req's and did my nursing degree at CPCC. I took my A&P class in class, and I think that they are best in person. My instructor was an odd guy, but he did a great job at teaching the material.

    As for my Micro, I took it online. Even if you do the class online, you still have to do the lab in person (usually one or two meetings a week). I actually liked this class online. The instructor is great, she basically posts a transcript of her lecture online for you to print out. I've been told that its almost exactly what she says in class, but she doesn't always post it for them to print (so she kinda writes notes for you to study with). The posted lecture is pretty much the only thing you need for the class (and your lab book). The textbook she picked for the class is really cheap (about $15 at barnes and nobles), and you don't need it. EVERYTHING on the test is in her posted lecture. Nothing more, and nothing less.

    I studied by printing her lecture, reading through it and highlighting key concepts. Then I reread the lecture, and took notes in my notebook as if I were taking the notes in class (I use an Outline setup with subheadings and bullets). I then went back through those notes and simplified them by remaking my notes on index cards with the key information. By that time, since i had read and wrote most of the lecture material a couple times, I had most of it in my brain. Then I just had to use the index cards to study a little more (like flash cards) until the test. There was usually about 3 weeks worth of material on each test. I normally went to the library for a few hours, a couple days before the test, and went through my process of writing the notes and index cards.

    Some of the concepts regarding the composition of cell walls are easier to understand by pictures, so the textbook may help with that, but so did google image search.

    My opinion, I think I would've had a harder time doing the classroom. You were given the exact same information, nothing more or less, and I didn't have to waste my time in a classroom. Hope my long post helps you come to a decision.
  12. by   *PaintedSky*
    For A&P 2 ALL online, do you do the labs at home?? Cadaver and all?
  13. by   ObtundedRN
    Quote from *PaintedSky*
    For A&P 2 ALL online, do you do the labs at home?? Cadaver and all?
    I never did A&P online, but I did take my microbiology online and it should work the same way. Your lecture material is all online, but you still have to meet on campus for your lab class. Generally your lab meets one or two time a week.

    And sadly, there are no human cadavers. You disect cats and other things like a sheep's heart. A human cadaver would be an awesome learning experience.
  14. by   jesskidding
    I took all my pre-reqs at CPCC. Including A&P I and II. Let me suggest that you do not take A&P online like I did. The professor was horrible and the tests were not even from the textbook, but from another totally different one which I thankfully finally figured out. You can never count on online teachers to help answer questions, respond to emails, and correct grading mistakes. I made a C in both I and II, which is really low for me. It was just plain hard and the teacher was no help at all. Obviously, I can't tell you who the professor was, but just take my advice and don't take any online A&P classes at CPCC.

    To fully learn A&P, you need to be in a lab with other students and a teacher right there in front of you. If I had the time I would retake both I and II on campus.