CCHS/Concord Spring 2012 admissions - page 6

Is anyone out there applying to CCHS for spring 2012? I submitted my application mid-September and was told that letters will go out around the beginning of November? How many students do they usually take? It seems to be a nice... Read More

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    I was accepted and my act score was a 21. It would have been a lot better if we had enough time to finish the section! I also have a 4.0 gpa and all my pre reqs done except medical terminology and nutrition. I had good references too so that could have helped! I'm new to CCHS and I've heard getting accepted from outside is pretty tough. Needless to say I'm extremely grateful and excited!

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    Can't believe that January 9th is almost here! I can't wait to start!! I'm so thankful, nervous and excited!

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