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Carolinas College Fall 2010 Applicants??

  1. 0 Hey there! I just submitted my application for the Fall 2010 program at Carolinas College and was just wondering if anyone out there was in the boat with me? Anyone know when they send out they're admittance letters?
    Thanks a ton
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    Me! Me! Me! I am so stinkin' nervous! Ugh, I want in so bad. We should get letters in late (very late) March or early April. They said count on April. These next two months are going to be AGONY. Have you taken all the science pre-reqs? I haven't and I'm nervous about that, but I've taken lots of sciences in undergrad so I'm willing to take the chance (if they let me). Did you apply anywhere else? I haven't. I start my CNA class in two weeks. They (CCHS) said they're expecting 350 applicants for 64 spots. Good luck. I'm so scatter brained (as you can tell from my post) waiting to find out. SO much is at stake/ on the line for me.
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    Hey there
    I already have a Bachelors in Science so most of my sciences are done. Yay! Thanks for letting me know about when they send out letters. Im really nervous/anxious/excited but still not trying to get my hopes up too high Is this the first time youre applying? Im with you in that this is the only program I am applying to for Fall 2010. Hopefully we will be in the same class together!!!
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    Yes, this is my first time applying and, it would be awesome for us to be in class together. Do you know what score we have to get on the TEAS? I haven't found that info. I'm not that worried about it, but I am going to try to prep for that AND study for two CLEP classes and possibly try to take A&P 1 at CPCC during the summer. That's a LOT do get done by August (while working FT in a very demanding job and caring for a toddler).
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    Goodness Gracious youre a busy girl! Well I hope we get to be in the same class I just got my postcard stating that my application has been processed and that they will be sending out letters in late march! aaahhhhh im anxious!!!!! Im not sure about the Teas test but Ive heard its not really bad. Im sure we will do well on it! Keep me posted on whats going on for you !!
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    How are you doing? I am close to LOSING it with all this waiting!!! I thought that once I was busy with work and CNA class and family life that the last couple weeks of waiting would fly by, but I don't think it's making a difference. Actually, it is making a difference. It's making it WORSE! With the CNA class I feel like I am getting a peek into what my life could be like and it makes me even more frustrated with what I am doing with my life right now. Ughhhhh.... I want this! I wish they would post on their website the date the letters will be mailed. "Late March" isn't specific enough!!!!
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    I don't know how to delete a post. Maybe that's why I didn't get in :-)
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    HEy girly!! Sorry I never recieved an email stating that you had posted anything last month!! I feel awful!! ... Dont worry girl..I didnt get in either But Im trying again? How about you? Im actually looking into Queens....
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    Yes, I will try again as well. I've decided to keep my spot on the wait list just in case. I can't do the guaranteed admission thing because they only have day classes and I have to work until I actually enter NS. Realistically, I have to work (some) even after I enter NS. I am looking into Queens as well, but since I still have to take the sciences that's about a year out for me. I am thinking more about the ABSN program. I wish there were more ABSN programs within driving distance. I finished my CNA class yesterday. As long as I pass that state exam in a few weeks, I think I'm set with that requirement for two years. If it takes more than that I really might give up. I'd be pushing FORTY to be a brand new nurse.
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    I just talked with a May 2010 graduate, she told me its nearly impossible to get accepted straight into the Nursing school program there right away from what shes been told or learned. Most have to do the Pre-Nursing first.