Calling any Watts School of Nursing Students!!!

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    Hi all,

    I have posted a few times about my worries on getting into a nursing program and just wanted to share that I got accepted to Watts School of Nursing in Durham. I am so excited and I was wondering if any Watts students (or from other programs) had any advice on how they have gone about financing their education. I never had to deal with financial aid when I got my undergrad a few years ago and Watts is pretty pricey, (about $30,000). I plan to do the tuition reimbursement program with Duke when I graduate but I'm worried about what to do right now. Any advice on financial aid or private loan experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!:heartbeat
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    Congrats on getting in Kellmoiselle- did you have any prereqs done before applying to the program?
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    thanks! No I didn't have any prereqs done, well none that were with Mt. Olive college and you have to have 18 hours with them. So even if I had all of the prereqs from another school I would still be required to take 18 hours with them since they are in partnership with Watts. After you are excepted you do a semester of prereqs with Mt. Olive before you start nursing courses. I start prereqs in Jan and nursing courses in July!
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    Ok now I understand- when I go to the Mt Olive site I can't open the attachment for some reason to get more information. Thanks for clearing that up.
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    Hi, I am tring to get into WSON myself....just waiting for the acceptance letter (I hope). How long did it take to get the acceptance letter? And anything else you could tell would be great. By the way congradulations, I know how hard you worked to get in.
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    When I go to the Mt Olive (RTP) site and click on the Health Science link- nothing this happening for everyone else? I was planning to do a few pre-reqs at the local CC, but since I need to do them at the Mt Olive school I'm trying to get some info.

    Which study book did you all use for the entrance exam? The Nursing School and Allied Health Entrance Examinations or Master the Nursing School and Allied Health Entrance Exams, which is suggested on the Watts site.
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    The link opens for me: And it reads: Associate of Science Degree in Health Science Through an articulation agreement between Mount Olive College and Watts School of Nursing, a student can graduate with an associate of science degree from Mount Olive College and complete the nursing requirements at Watts School of Nursing to apply for the NCLEX exam for licensure as a registered nurse. To qualify for the associate of science degree, a student must make application to and be accepted for admission into the Watts School of Nursing. Admission information is available on the Watts School of Nursing website at . General Education Requirements: 31 sh General Education at MOC: ENG 111; REL 200; BIO 251; MAT 120 or higher; HIS 222; PSY 100; SOC 210 (22 sh) General Education at Watts School of Nursing: ENG 112; HLH 110; Humanities (9 sh are met through the nursing concentration) Concentration Requirement: 48 sh Concentration at MOC: PSY 330 (3 sh) Concentration at Watts School of Nursing: N-1000; N-1550; N-2000; N-3000; N-4000; N-4550 (45 sh) Hope this helps! And best wishes to you
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    Dreamon, I studied the allied health book.....just remember there is no algebra on the test study the reading and be very very fast and answer all the questions. If you need any more information on the test just let me know.I just took it in nov.
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    Does the $30,000 include the Mt. Olive classes or just Watts? I see that there is an information session next month. I will certainly be there.
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    Dreamon, Watts is $24,400 and I have heard but not sure that Mt.Olive is around $4000 to 5000 so yeah i guess 30,000 should cover it. Strange how it doesnt give you a total price. Oh and staff at Watts will not talk to you about any of that until after the session and passing the test. I hope that this helps, if you have anymore question feel free to ask...I know how hard it is to get answers about Watts.
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