Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

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    Hello all! Anyone applying to Cabarrus College of Health Sciences for Spring 2011?

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    Hi! I am considering applying to Cabarrus for Spring 2011... I haven't found much information on the program or the average GPA/SAT accepted. I have a Bachelors degree but it sounds like they look more at your high school GPA and class rank. I don't really mind that though because I did a lot better in high school than college! Do you know anything or have you talked to anyone currently in the program?
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    Yeah I have pretty much heard the same thing. The school seems to be very nice and everyone there were very pleasant when I went to the campus to take the ACT. I know that they are having the next open house on August 10th from 4:30 to 6:30. I hand delivered my application last week. I wish you luck and I guess the waiting game begins! lol

    Good Luck
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    I took my CNA course at CCHS last year and loved the school and staff. I will be applying there for Spring 2011. I will be taking the ACT there on September 23. Good luck!
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    Good luck to you as well JessKidding
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    Quote from ncNurse2b715
    Good luck to you as well JessKidding
    Thanks! Good luck to you! I went to the open house on the 10th and after talking with ***, I decided to wait and apply for Fall 2011. I go on the 23rd and take the ACT. I took it 6 years ago and got a 23. Did you take the ACT there?
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    Moderator's friendly reminder: Please do not place the names of teachers or staff in posts. This is to safeguard their privacy. Thank you and carry on
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    Yes I did JessKidding. I took it for the first time EVER last month. I got a 23 as well
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    hey i applied too!!!!!!!!! i hope we get in!!!!!
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    Hey KSW01!!! I sure hope we do!!

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