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Hi I am trying to relocate and find a job in NC. Do you know, which hospitals are best for new grad RNs? Anything with great support, opportunities for further education and advancement, and good... Read More

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    I was hired as a new grad at Duke 2 years ago. I love it. great opportunities for education, lots of classes, workshops. When I oriented, we had to rotate day/night shifts (12 hour shifts). It gives you a chance to see what each is like and if you have a preference. I personally hated nights and worked on not having to work them I am now weekends, which I love. I work on the ortho unit. Most units are 4-5:1. Not sure about the stepdown and ICU units. Don't know about the (giant) peds/mother/baby floor. Also don't know the pay. I assume 21ish/hr???

    I just love being there.