Anyone applying to ABSN at WSSU for Jan 2011 - page 10

I'm applying to the ABSN program at WSSU this August to start in January 2011. Anyone joining me?... Read More

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    For classes do you have clinicals? Do you have 12 hour clinicals more than once a week?

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    Yes, usually two 12 hr days/week.
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    IF accepted, I guess I will have to find a place to stay or someone to room with. I applied for Spring 2012. I am going assume that you do not have clinical with each class. IF not can you tell me what NUR classes you do have clinical with.
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    We have clinicals for the following courses:
    Intro to Professional Nursing III
    Adult Nursing I
    Mental Health Nursing
    Child Health Nursing
    Maternal/Newborn Nursing
    Community Health Nursing
    Adult II Nursing
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    I have applied for Spring 2012 as well. I am nervous about getting in due to gpa. I Just graduated from UNCC in May with a CJ degree. I have all my pre-reqs. Now we WAIT.......! Good Luck all!
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    Hii ,

    I just had a question. I am a pre-nursing student, yet to complete all my courses. I was told by someone who works for Wakemed that Wakemed has this collaboration with WSSU and will pay the tuition of Wakemed employees if they wish to become RNs. Have any of you heard of this program?
    And if so, how does this work? I would assume they would have to relocate to Winston Salem right?

    And good luck all of you waiting for the decisions for Spring 2012
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    Haven't heard of that. I'd check with Wakemed's human resources department.

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