Anyone applying for Spring 2011 admissions??

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    [font="comic sans ms"]hi! just wondering, as we all are waiting, what school is everyone applying to? good luck to all :redpinkhe

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    I applied & got accepted in to Mercy School of Nursing. I start January! I am beyond excited & a bit nervous.
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    Congrats to you Ashersmamma!!!
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    I'm apply to San Jacinto College's RN program for Spring 2011. Their application cutoff is oddly November 1st, though, so I'm just getting started.
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    Well good luck to you taylorxteddy!
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    Thank you! I am pretty nervous because I just found out they changed their admission criteria for this semester's applicants, and I wasn't prepared for it, but we'll see! *crosses fingers*
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    Oh they did?? Yikes! I hope that you have met the admissions criteria. I hope it works out for you!!!

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