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I'm just curious as to the experience current students or grads of the Charlotte ECPI campus had. I have an appointment with a recruiter tomorrow evening. The school is close to me, and the appeal... Read More

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    Thank you for your input. I really like the scope of what CMA's do, but I am very afraid of the payscale and my ability to keep up on my current bills AND student loan.
    I just found another nearby cc that offers an lpn course and all I have to do to get in is take the Compass, any applicable remedial courses and English 111, Bio 163, and PSY 110. I'll also have to take the ACT with a grade of 18 or higher, then I can apply to the nursing program.

    I've been doing job searches for CMA's & LPN's, and I'm finding a lot more ads for CMA's. ALL of the LPN position's I've found advertised were with staffing agencies for either home health care or nursing homes. I can't do an RN program at this time, but will keep that option open for the future. Should I be worried about the job listings I'm seeing?? cc's do not help with job placement.

    Also, all the ads I've seen are require 1 - 5 yrs of experiene. Will the LPN course also certify me for Phlebotemy, or should I do that separately? I've seen a couple mention that.

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    Has anyone graduated from ECPI in Raleigh's LPN program? I would like to hear some experiences you had there? Also, what is the difference between their day and night classes? Thanks in advance!!
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    I definitely would NOT go to ECPI. I am always leary of those types of schools and often, employers are too.

    Also, don't do CMA. Like the above poster said, there is no advancement opportunites and the pay is low.

    In my area, there are no CMA jobs. I know people who have had their degrees for YEARS and haven't found jobs.
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    Wow I guess ECPI Rn programs are different depending on which one you attend. I started at ECPI VA Beach and besides having alot of information to learn in such a short amount of time there was so many students in each class that it was very hard to get one on one time with the instructor and the Director of the RN program was NEVER availiable. The clinicals were awesome- we went to several hospitals in the area and had alot of hands on training. The down side to VA beach campus clinicals is that there was no room for error. They did not work with anyone if an emergency came up (say, a car accident on the way to clinical)- a 0 would be given for that day and no make up would be offered. I then switched over to Newport News campus and totally different! The RN Director's door is always open; plenty of tutoring was offered from the instructors, and make up days were offered for clinicals. We also attended a wide array of hospital settings. The ECPI/MCI staff have been nothing but helpful. Both schools have a very good NCLEX pass rate. I graduate Thursday! I moved to Fayetteville with husband and will be taking my boards in NC. Oh before I forget, I worked as a Nurse care partner (Basically a CNA) after I finished my first round of clinicals. It really helped me with my skills because I didn't have a background in healthcare. At ECPI they will try to tell you to go LPN and then come back and go to school for RN if you have no healthcare experience.... please do what is best for you and know that you can do it!
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    Like I said before all ECPI's are different. The clinical experience and the number of clinical hours I obtained thru ECPI's program has set me up for success. Knowing that employers may have a negative view of programs like ECPI, my resume reflects the number of clinical hours and location of clinicals. I also have references from several of the nurses whom I did clinicals with.....
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    I know this is an older post; however, could someone tell me what the cost of ECPI's RN program is? I am a student in the Central Valley of CA and was just curious. Also are there any other private schools in the Charlotte area that is worth the money?

    Thank you for any input one would like to add!


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