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Hi all! I am relocating to Mint Hill, NC (near Charlotte) in a few months from NY. What are some hospitals that are willing to hire an RN with only their Associate's degree? I have no experience working at a hospital, only a... Read More

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    Misswoosie Congrats on your phone interview hope everything works out. Kinda stalled in my move right now just can't decide what's going to be best for me

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    Ok here is a question. I am a RN thinking of relocating from Connecticut. I have 2 years hospital experience and 1 year home care (which I love) My question is what realistic salary can I expect. I make 32.50 an hour in home care and when I left the hospital I was making 30.00. Can anyone give me a realistic idea of what salary to expect in either position so I can know what to expect. Thank you.
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    I graduated 12/2011 and was hired in 2/2012 as a ASN graduate into CMC. It can be done.

    (and CMC is currently working towards Magnet status)
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    PedsRn if you don't mind can you tell me what uniform requirements Cmc has for nurses like certain scrub colors. Thank you.
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    I will be honest with you and tell you I only know the kiddie world. I work in pediatrics. We can wear any appropriate print top with white or black pants.
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    Thank you

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