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    I am a Winston Salem resident. I am currently taking pre-reqs at FTCC and I will be applying to both Forsyth Tech's ADN program and Winston Salem State's Accelerated BSN program for January 2012. I graduated in '07 from ECU with a BS in Biology so I have all of the pre-reqs completed. I am re-taking a few to be more competitive! Is there anyone else going to send in an application for the ABSN program August 1, 2011? I have also been working for WFUBMC in a research lab for 3 years now...hoping this will help when I try to get funded!!

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    I'll be sending an application for the ABSN at WSSU. I'm currently taking my pre-reqs at WSSU right now.
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    Hey David!
    It's nice to hear from someone else who is applying. Do you know if the program is really competitive, or about how many people apply each year?
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    I do believe the program is competitive to gain entry. I'm not sure how many apply but I do know 45 students are accepted each year, if that helps.
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    BTW I graduated from ECU in 2005 with a BSBA.
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    Awesome, another Pirate!! haha Well, good luck with the process...keep me updated & if you find out anymore information. August 1st will be here before we know it!!
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    I'm planning on applying and I'm worried about getting in also.I graduated from Gardner Webb University with a B.S. in Human Services. I maintained a 2.98 cumulative average and completed with a 2.88 overall average in my undergraduate degree program.I started college pursuing nursing although the programs were to competitive to gain entry. I have all the prereqs. out the way with b's in all of them. However can anyone tell me what chemistry I need? I have 131 chem and lab. But some people say you need general chemistry 151 it's a big difference! Additionally I have been working as a certified nurse aide 1 for 7 years. Feel free to reply with answers, Barbara
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    Hey Barbara,

    If you go onto WSSU's website under the accelerated program you can find all the pre-reqs that they use for admission. General chemistry is one of them. The two colleges that I have attended have had this chemistry labeled as CHEM-150 and the lab 151. Hope this helps....good luck!
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    I will be applying to the ABSN at WSSU for the class starting in January 2012. I've taken all the pre-reqs so far except A&P II which I'm taking this summer. I had an admissions appointment at the end of last year and the counselor told me they accept 45 students. She said most successful applicants have at least a 3.0 GPA and mostly As in the pre-reqs. I believe she said they have almost 200 applicants for the program but not all of them are qualified (pre reqs not complete etc.).

    I'm also a pirate...class of 2007!
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    Hi Barbara,

    Both Chm 131 and 151 with a lab are acceptable as transfer credits. There is a form in the Nursing building at WSSU that provides confirmation.

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