1. I am a Winston Salem resident. I am currently taking pre-reqs at FTCC and I will be applying to both Forsyth Tech's ADN program and Winston Salem State's Accelerated BSN program for January 2012. I graduated in '07 from ECU with a BS in Biology so I have all of the pre-reqs completed. I am re-taking a few to be more competitive! Is there anyone else going to send in an application for the ABSN program August 1, 2011? I have also been working for WFUBMC in a research lab for 3 years now...hoping this will help when I try to get funded!!
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  3. by   Dave422
    I'll be sending an application for the ABSN at WSSU. I'm currently taking my pre-reqs at WSSU right now.
  4. by   cdkjasso
    Hey David!
    It's nice to hear from someone else who is applying. Do you know if the program is really competitive, or about how many people apply each year?
  5. by   Dave422
    I do believe the program is competitive to gain entry. I'm not sure how many apply but I do know 45 students are accepted each year, if that helps.
  6. by   Dave422
    BTW I graduated from ECU in 2005 with a BSBA.
  7. by   cdkjasso
    Awesome, another Pirate!! haha Well, good luck with the process...keep me updated & if you find out anymore information. August 1st will be here before we know it!!
  8. by   perseverance3
    I'm planning on applying and I'm worried about getting in also.I graduated from Gardner Webb University with a B.S. in Human Services. I maintained a 2.98 cumulative average and completed with a 2.88 overall average in my undergraduate degree program.I started college pursuing nursing although the programs were to competitive to gain entry. I have all the prereqs. out the way with b's in all of them. However can anyone tell me what chemistry I need? I have 131 chem and lab. But some people say you need general chemistry 151 it's a big difference! Additionally I have been working as a certified nurse aide 1 for 7 years. Feel free to reply with answers, Barbara
  9. by   cdkjasso
    Hey Barbara,

    If you go onto WSSU's website under the accelerated program you can find all the pre-reqs that they use for admission. General chemistry is one of them. The two colleges that I have attended have had this chemistry labeled as CHEM-150 and the lab 151. Hope this helps....good luck!
  10. by   alove1
    I will be applying to the ABSN at WSSU for the class starting in January 2012. I've taken all the pre-reqs so far except A&P II which I'm taking this summer. I had an admissions appointment at the end of last year and the counselor told me they accept 45 students. She said most successful applicants have at least a 3.0 GPA and mostly As in the pre-reqs. I believe she said they have almost 200 applicants for the program but not all of them are qualified (pre reqs not complete etc.).

    I'm also a pirate...class of 2007!
  11. by   Called2Care
    Hi Barbara,

    Both Chm 131 and 151 with a lab are acceptable as transfer credits. There is a form in the Nursing building at WSSU that provides confirmation.
  12. by   KmSharp
    hello to all. congrats to all who are in the program seeing as how its now march and im sure some of you started in jan 12. I have all of the pre reqs to get so i dont plan on applying to the program until at least aug 13.....just wondering if anyone can tell me where i can take an official accredited intro to chem class online....i believe it is 130...and i dont think i need the lab...
  13. by   Called2Care
    I took an online CHM class at Forsyth Tech and it was a great experience. Believe it or not, the labs were the toughest part of the class. Everything was done completely online, so it was very convenient. I took CHM 151, but I believe you can take CHM 131 PLUS the lab. I would suggest that you get a transfer of credits/course equivalency sheet from the Nursing Dept.
  14. by   Rolyat

    I recently graduated from UNCG with a BS in Kinesiology. I am interested in the ABSN program at WSSU. I did not have all my prequesites completed, however they will be completed at the end of this summer. Unfortunately I may have one class left to take in the fall. On the ABSN application there is a space for pre reqs, classes that the applicant is currently enrolled in. My question is...if I wait to take this class in the fall, and apply to the ABSN program will that current enrollment (incomplete pre req) hinder my acceptance?