UCSD Perinatal/NICU RN New Grad Program Summer 2013

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    Hi all,
    I am starting a thread bc I didn't see anything posted about the UCSD RN New Grad Program. I was wondering if anyone has heard anything. Do you know if getting the references email is a good sign? Also does anyone know the start date or how many people they are hiring?
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    I don't have any answers to your questions, but welcome to the NICU forum.
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    Don't know what you mean by "getting the references e-mail"? Also not sure where you are in the whole process. Have you applied? Are you accepted? Been interviewed?
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    Hi Sapi,
    Did you already interview for the NICU position? I heard they should be hiring around 7 people and the program start date is July 9. I think the references email is a good sign
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    Thanks everyone for your responses but I went through the whole process and I was notified that I was not elected
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    Sorry for your bad news ): How did they notify you? And was it the NICU loop you interviewed for? I interviewed for L&D almost 3 weeks ago and haven't heard anything yet...long wait!
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    This time of year, they may be waiting for budget finalizations.
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    It was the NICU/postpartum loop. they emailed me. but the same week i got offered a position at another hospital. I guess some times it's just not meant to be.