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    How frequently is your tubing changed for TPN? If you change it every 24 hours, is your lipids mixed in with the TPN? We currently change our tubing every 72 hours. The lipids are separate and we change that tubing every 24 hours. Thanks for your input!

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    Our lipids get new bags and tubing every 24 hours.

    All our other IV fluids (hyperal, dextrose solutions, narcotic and vasoactive drips) get new bags or syringes daily, but the actual tubing is changed ever 96 hours. If we have stock bags running that pharmacy hasn't "messed with" (like 0.9%NS with 2 units heparin/ml) then the bag itself can also run for 96 hours without being changed.

    If there is a major change in the hyperal formula we will change the tubing even if it hasn't been 96 hours.
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    Our NICU does the same thing, Gompers.
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    Everything is 24 hours in our ICN- bags as well as tubing.
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    for TPN and lipids....Tubing can be used for up to 72 hours if there is only clear fluid running (i.e. 1/4 NS), but the actual fluid is 24 hours.

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    Ours is changed every 24 hours at 1800. Pharmacy makes the mix and sends it with the tubing already primed and ready. Our lipids are never mixed, they come in a separate glass bottle, and we use regular primary tubing for that - it is simply hooked in to the most distal port on the TPN tubing. The TPN and lipids are run on separate pumps.
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    Our tubing is q 72 h unless the mix has changed, then with the changed TPN.QD for lipids.
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    Majority of facilities have a policy of changing TPN/lipid tubing Q 24 hrs. Some even go as far as TPN tubing change Q 24 and Lipid tubing change Q 12. Due to the high dextrose concentration there is a great risk for bacteria to grow therefore the frwquent change. Most NICUs also spike their IV tubing using a 2 person sterile technique.

    You can go to the CDC website and see there recommendations.
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    TPN and lipid seperated and every thing changed every 24 h....
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    On our unit, both TPN bag and tubing is changed every 24 hours, same with the Lipids and lipid tubing; this is related to infection control. Also, they are NEVER mixed, as the TPN requires a filter and you cannot filter lipids. (this has been true on all four units/hospitals I have worked. Hope this helps.

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