splitting jobs between sides of isolette

  1. Gidday from Down Under ! Looking for feedback on what the current best practise is. My training back in the day was that an isolette had two sides; one for 'clean' stuff such as feeding, care of lines etc and a 'dirty' side which was for nappy changes and the like. This principle made sense and has stuck with me across several hospitals but no one at my current one has come across this before. What does everyone else do/think about this ? Some articles and texts do refer to care of the infant this way but not many. Looking forward to the discussion, Deb
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  3. by   Coffee Nurse
    In my first job, the bottom end of the incubator was considered the "dirty" end (makes sense, if you think about it!) and the top was the "clean." My current job doesn't adhere to any such distinctions, though. It still grosses me out to see pacifiers sitting at the bottom of the bed...
  4. by   gibson0726
    I was also taught that top is clean and bottom is dirty. No dirty diapers by the babies heads!
  5. by   KRVRN
    Head of bed is clean, bottom is dirty. No diapers in the bed u less there's a chux or something. I've honestly never ever heard of thought of a clean side and a dirty side. Generally one side is for the nurse and one is for respiratory.