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  1. Good Morning!

    For those who may remember, I posted months ago about wanting to do my senior in NICU following a job shadow. I applied for a NICU spot as my #1 choice for senior practicum, and was told yesterday they are only accepting one student, and I have been chosen! I was so ecstatic!! I feel like all of my hard work and studying has finally paid off. For those who say grades don't matter, they do!

    I will have to do a phone interview with the unit manager beforehand, my understanding is they will take students who have a high preference for this area and want to seek employment following senior (high expenses to train, etc). I've heard the phone interview is quite general, and am excited to have the opportunity to speak with the manager beforehand, I have some questions prepared I would like to ask, too.

    I am going into finals next week, then have a week off following. I have been searching for books and journals to feed my mind. Does anyone subscribe to the Neonatal Network? I have been trying to track down articles or a handbook on neonatal assessment, but mostly come up with books. Any recommendations?
    This is probably the most relevant one I have found.
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    Congrats! I am sure you will rock your phone interview. Having your preceptorship there will hopefully be a good stepping stone into getting into a NICU post-graduation. Make nice with the NM