1. I have 3 years experience in a level III NICU and want to try for my RNC this year. For those who have taken and passed the test, how much time did you devote to studying and how long did you study for before taking the test? What is your experience level?

    Also, if anyone happens to know...do NICUs in AZ pay more for RNC?
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  3. by   nickirn31
    I took the exam for my RNC-NIC a few years ago. I studied for a couple weeks leading up to the exam, mostly doing question/answers in the Core Curriculum book & taking various doing some of the CEU courses offered on the NCC website. I had three years experiance when I took the exam in 2010, mostly level III.

    Don't know about the AZ questions, but some places offer a yearly bonus or at least reimburse the expense.
  4. by   TiffyRN
    I needed to take both CCRN-neonatal and RNC-NIC because of conflicting school/work demands. I studied for the CCRN for about 3 weeks, took and passed the test. After successfully completing that test I wish I could have immediately have taken the RNC but I hadn't registered yet so it took me about a month to get on the schedule. I did study for the next month, intently the last 2 weeks and passed the RNC.

    I had 10 years experience at the time I took the test.
  5. by   ilovenicu16