really cute stuff for neonatal nurses - page 3 has some really cute little gifts for N.I.C.U. nurses. just thought you guys might want to check it out. ;>)... Read More

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    You can wear those to work? LUCKY. I'd love to wear mine but I'd get fired...that's okay, though, because I'm wearing one to the March of Dimes Walk in April and no one can say a thing about it then. ;>P Neener-neener.

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    your hospital dictates what you can wear even if it is nicu related?
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    Yes! I thought they all did. I have to follow a very strict uniform code for safety/identification purposes.
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    Sad to see the website gone but has some new sites selling NICU stuff and one site is called Preemie Power, cute.
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    I'm so over CafePress. I washed my totebag in the washing machine and it shrunk and something wierd happened to the image on it!! And one of my t-shirts, the first one I got, the transfer thing on the front got all funky around the sides and looked like it hadn't been trimmed or something.

    Plus, hubster had a store through them for his muscle car site and we got complaints from a couple of people who had the same problem, so he ended up shutting it down.

    However! I have found something new that you might like!

    has some scrubs for NICU nurses, scrub jackets, tshirts, etc. Some of their stuff is okay, some is really cute. We're ordering scrub tops from them for our "alternate" outfits- we're getting the ones with the pink NICU going down the front with the little footprints. A coworker ordered one and wore it to work and we just thought it was so cute!!! I can't wait to get mine.
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    Here's a tee for you Kristi!
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    Thanks Kristi for the info on this site. I was looking for a gift to give my preceptor and something from this site will be perfect!! Haven't decided what yet! Linda
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    OH, I forgot! This site: has tshirts; only a few good ones, really, but they have a few that are pertinent to the nursery.

    Look under the "Nursing" subtitle, and they have one with a fetal ultrasound (various images of the baby in utero). They also have one that has little pink and blue footprints that says "They know the way to your heart", and the footprints lead a path to over your left chest where the logo is. Very cute!

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