1. I worked in nicu for almost 7 years at a hospital and then we were forced to go to mother baby! I did it for 4 months but, was miserable and put my 2 week notice in. My manager came in, for my exit interview, and gave me a good review and told me that she would give me a great reference. I went out for a hand surgery and was away from nursing for almost 2 years. I wanted to return to that old hospital and when I applied I wasn't getting any feedback, I finally went to an open house and they said that the manager was not interested in bringing me in for an interview. I found out that it was my old manager from another hospital! I called her twice, once she was running off to a meeting and would call me back and the other she was running off to a delivery, she is obviously ignoring me! I just want to know why? I have 14 years experience in the nicu and this seems discriminatory, or not, but seems wrong!
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    She sounds like she does not want you back for some reason. It could be that she heard some stupid rumor that is not founded or that she did not like you as a person and/or as a nurse back when she was your supervisor. In any case, she is making it clear that she is too much of a coward to just tell you she is not interested in hiring you back so, unfortunatley, you must move on.

    BTW, just because a manager is willing to give you a good reference does not mean he/she thinks highly of you and/or wishes you would remain and/or will be willing to re-hire you in the future... I had a former DON that wanted to get rid of a nurse and highly recommended her to others so she would transfer out of our Department. Just a thought. Good luck.
  4. by   Neonursej
    She always treated me well, gave me good annual reviews and spoke kindly on the phone when she said that she was going to call me back. I think that she was just really made that I left, she lost a lot of nurses due to us having to change our department.
    Thanks for your response