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  1. 0 I currently work in a level Iv nicu and was wondering if any of the NICUs u work out give baby's probiotics...
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    I was just talking about this topic the other day! None of the NICUs I've worked at have done it but I think doing so would work wonders for their little guts, especially the ones at higher risk for NEC.
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    We work with one of the top neonatal nutritionists and she isn't an advocate. I have to ask her again what her reason is.
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    Our view is that breastmilk is the best source of probiotics and immunoglobulins for our preemies and term babies. We encourage breastmilk use, and haven't introduced any probiotics here.
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    Yea we haven't either but I would think it could benefit them. We also use donor milk if none is available from mom but I think in conjunction with breast milk probiotics could help .... I'm doing research to see if it could help these babies
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    Yes, breastmilk is the best. We always give preemies breastmilk whether mother's or donor. Colonize the gut that way. Would giving probiotics interfere with the components of breastmilk?
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    Excellent publication our nutritionist recommended...around S64 is where it starts to mention probiotics and the link to possible sepsis.

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