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  1. Im an adult icu nurse, and while I do like it, I've always wanted to work in the NICU. I've been given the opportunity to shadow a nurse and at different hospital on Monday the 10th. I'm super excited and I'm hoping this may lead to an opportunity to work for them (my hospital won't hire in the nicu without a bsn and experience). Can anyone give me tips on things to do/ask in my shadow that could increase my chances of possibly landing an interview?
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    You might want to post this in the NICU forum (under ICU). Good luck and enjoy your day!
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    Oh dang I was looking for nicu, didn't realize it was there! Can the moderators move it or should I just repost?
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    Thank you!!
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    I would expect humility. Babies are really different from adults. They're symptoms are more subtle. While you understand the pathophysiology of septic shock and respiratory distress, you don't know babies. Show a genuine interest in what the nurse is doing and ask questions.