NICU Preceptorship

  1. 0 Oh happy day!

    After three weeks of working harder than I have for all of nursing school, and a week of nail-biting suspense, I have this morning learned that I have landed my sought-after NICU preceptorship (final semester of BSN).

    I now have 144 hours (2 12s a week for 6 weeks) of NICU ahead of me, and I am overjoyed.

    Thanks to this forum in particular for the great information provided; I have been able to demonstrate a sincere interest in this dept in large part thanks to what I've read on here (which also led me to Merenstein & Gardner).
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    Congrats! Enjoy your time on the unit!
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    Congrats and enjoy our time! I was feeling the same way in February when I got my assignment for my senior preceptorship!

    Now I am done with my last day of clinical (today) and have a job lined up in a different NICU starting in September! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a lot to learn of course...I am an evening/weekend student so I didn't get a lot of continuity in my NICU preceptorship but I did get some experience, mostly with feeder growers but the new job has a detailed orientation so I am looking forward to learning more!

    Anyway congrats and keep up the great work!

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