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  1. I am a new RN graduate (May 2008) and really want to work in the NICU. I just moved to Pittsburgh 2 months ago and have been applying for jobs since then. I've applied for Magee-Womens NICU on the UPMC website. I know that Children's is opening a new hospital next spring and will likely have openings but I can't wait that long to get a job.
    My husband and I moved out here for his job and ironically, the same day he got the offical offer, I got an offer to take a job in a NICU back home (Illinois). For some reason, the whole process is taking a lot longer out here; its really hard to get information from anyone.
    I have always wanted to work in a NICU (since I was in 5th grade according to my father). I volunteered for a year while I was in school. I have my BS in molecular and cellular biology then got my ADN. I even did an extra NICU rotation during my maternal-child clinical. After working for a couple years I plan on looking into getting a MSN so i'm definitely interested in learning all I can and contining to advance my education.
    I'm looking for any suggestions anyone may have for me or inside info regarding the NICU scene in Pittsburgh.
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  3. by   dani_girl
    Children's does a great orientation program for new grads.. that is supposed to be fantastic.. you might want to call them and find out.. (not sure if you missed the boat on that one.. know it started Aug/Sept..
    I know a girl who just graduated in May and works there and will be doing NICU.. so they do take new grads..
  4. by   bookscrapper
    thanks...i checked with children's hr and they don't have any nicu openings now unfortunately