NICU Interview... HELP!

  1. Hello everyone!

    I have been a pediatric home care nurse for about 15 months. I have always wanted to be a NICU nurse ... even before Nursing School!

    I have been applying for positions since July 2011! And after 15 months (with experience and a BSN) I finally received the call for a NICU interview!! That's the great news. The bad news, if you want to call it that, is that the interview is in two weeks. I will be interviewed by the a nurse recruiter, a clinical nurse specialist and the nurse manager.

    Anyway, I feel well prepared in interview etiquette (appearance, etc). However, I feel at a complete loss for NICU specific interview questions. I have been (and will continue) searching and other websites. However, it finally dawned on me to just ask!

    1. Why NICU (of course)
    2. When is the last time you suggested an improvement to your nurse manager that was implemented?
    3. What do you like least about your current position and what have you done to improve the situation?
    4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    5. What qualities will you bring to this unit?
    6. What will be your biggest challenge?
    7. What kind of babies and diagnoses have you worked with in your clinical rotations?
    8. What are your strengths/weaknesses?
    9. Tell me about yourself.
    10. Why did you choose nursing?
    11. What would previous employers say about you?

    Are these good examples and can anyone help me answer them??? (I would still really, really like to have more examples if you have any!!)

    Thank you all so much!!
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  3. by   littlepeopleRNICU
    I think those are pretty good questions for most nursing interviews, but every manager is different in what they look for. I had interviews with 2 NICUs. In one, I was asked a LOT of situational questions(not so much about NICU, but "name a time when..." questions from nursing school-this was as a new grad). The other, I was told by someone else went off personality. She likes people who are bubbly and seem to be genuinely interested in the unit and willing to learn anything that is thrown at them. I hardly had any "real" interview questions in this one. I have been on several interviews since I started nursing that asked the type of questions you posted there, as well as others that were similar to my second NICU interview. I have heard of others who were drilled specifically about the area, even if they had no experience in it. It just depends.

    The only advice I have for you is to Google interview questions and just practice all that you can find, out loud. It's better to be prepared if you are asked these sort of questions. I don't think you will have any super NICU-specific questions since you have no NICU experience, but since you are coming from peds, they may be interested in the types of patients you have cared for. Just stay calm and answer all the questions truthfully. And good luck!!
  4. by   bnc0725

    Thanks! I will take that advice. I just had an interview two weeks ago for an adult acute care job and got the job. So, one that can be a back up just in case I don't get the offer from the NICU and two it was practice! I hope I get this job because it would be a dream come true. I am getting married exactly a week after this upcoming interview so hopefully things work out!

    Thanks again, my interview is on Oct. 25th (so a little over two weeks). I'll post again whether I get an offer.

  5. by   babyRN0404
    My advice: Make sure you ask them a lot of questions about the unit. Such as is there any current research? Are there students? When are you expected to go on transport? How long is orientation? Is there shared governance/do the nurses participate in committees that affect their practice? etc. Keep in mind you are interviewing them too! Good luck
  6. by   littlepeopleRNICU
    I agree with what babyRN said! I have found that managers(from any unit) really want someone who is engaged in the unit...ask a lot of questions and show interest in the job.
  7. by   bnc0725
    Thank you for the advice!!
  8. by   bnc0725
    I got the job!!
  9. by   TamTamRN-RRT
    Quote from bnc0725
    I got the job!!
    Yay to you!! Was a brand new nurse in a pedi home care 3 months (RT for 5 years) and landed a job in PICU in a trauma 1 hospital. Start in 2 weeks! Congrats!
  10. by   bnc0725
    That's awesome congrats to you as well! This is a dream come true for me
  11. by   littlepeopleRNICU
    Congrats to you both!!
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