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    Hello ALL,

    I have a Job INTERVIEW in a LEVEL 3 Nicu at my current hospital and I am EXCITED but Terrified!!! IF anyone can give any interview pointers, common questions asked, and any particular Things I should ask the Nurse Manager it would be Extremely Helpful. I currently work with Adults on a Telemetry Unit, however NICU has always Been my Dream Should there be anything I should be studying to prepare? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks ALL in advance
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    Are you a new grad? I ask because of your username, but maybe you completed a bridge program and have been working in tele. Either way, NICU is very specialized, and if you haven't worked in NICU before, you won't be expected to answer any clinical scenario type questions. Your best prep would be basic interview questions: why NICU?, strengths/weaknesses, how do you deal with conflict, tell me about a time when....

    There is also some information in the NICU forum too. Good luck!
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    Thanks so Much for the Reply.....I've been a nurse for a year in Adult/Tele.....although I like it Nicu is my Dream....Are you a Nicu Nurse? If so can you share some input on your routines ...etc

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    Well, I am a NICU nurse now.... after 3 different hospital NICU interviews! I guess sometimes the third time really is a charm. I should also say showing passion and enthusiasm is very important in NICU interviews, too. Check out the NICU forum under the specialty tab, it's under critical care. It's a pretty good resource.
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    Thanks so you mind telling why the first two interviews didn't work out? Did they give you feedback or was it just due to not having experience?
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    Hello Brand New BSN,

    I feel like I wrote this post. Too funny. I've got a NICU interview tomorrow and I came on allnurses to get some help! Good luck with yours
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    Do NOT -under any circumstances- ooh and ahh about how CUUUUUTE babies are and how much you LUUUUUUV to snuggle with them. Talk about how you are attracted to the precision required in the NICU, the highly technical side and the teaching parents side. How you love the challenge of interpretting their (the infants') cues.

    And good luck! I love being a NICU nurse.
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    Thanks for your replies...I appeciate it....Good luck PreppyRN...I'm claiming we will have good news to share with each other....
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    Hey Brand New BSN,
    My interview was nerve-wracking. The manager that I met with was extremely nice, I just think they might need someone with more experience. Regardless, I wanted to let you know my questions so it can aid you in case you haven't had your interview yet!

    1. Tell me about yourself.
    2. Why did you choose nursing?
    3. What qualities will you bring to this unit?
    4. What would previous employers say about you?
    5. What kind of babies or diagnoses have you worked with in your past?
    6. Why NICU?
    7. What do you like least about your current position and what have you done to improve the situation?
    8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    9. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    Best of luck! Keep me updated
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    Thanks so much I had some similar questions.....Actually they are just about interview wa yesterday....and I think it went pretty well....are you a new grad...or do you have experience in another area of Nursing? Good- luck:-)

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