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New RN in NICU

  1. 0 I have just recently passed NCLEX and now I will be starting in NICU. I am scared becaused my peds rotation was poor. Is there any words of wisdom to help?

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    Peds and NICU are not the same thing. Hopefully, you are at a hospital that has a GOOD, THOROUGH new grad orientation program, and you will have a good preceptor. These are supports that ANY new grad in any unit would need.

    Check the "sticky" at the top of the forum, it has a lot of resources to get you going.

    And, best of luck in you're new career. Keep in touch.
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    Well, for starters, it took me almost a full year of working in a Level III NICU before I could go to work without feeling like I was either going to vomit or have a panic attack! LOL So don't feel bad if you get nervous, and realize that you may start thinking, Oh, wow, I can't handle this! but you CAN. It really helped me to keep reminding myself that everyone, even our directors and managers and the doctors and ESPECIALLY the other nurses (who can be intimidating, sometimes) all had to start at the beginning, knowing virtually nothing.

    As far as peds, I learned very little in my rotation that I used in the NICU, so have no fear about that!

    Good luck, and if you have any specific questions please let us know!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    I am also just starting out in the level 2 NICU in the Texas Medical Center. I have my first day on the floor this weekend and I am scared to death. Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated. Thanks for your support
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    I started working at a level 3 NICU straight out of nursing school 4 years ago. I remember the days of panic very well. I can honestly say, I still learn something new every day. My best advice is this: Learn to laugh. Dont be afraid to to ask questions. Study the healing properties of chocolate
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    Thank you for all your advice. It is so much information to take in. But I am looking forward to it.

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