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Hello everyone! I'm a new grad (May 2013) with my BSN and have been searching for my first RN position for quite some time now. While I know I can't be too picky with the way the economy is right now, my main focus is the NICU.... Read More

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    Boratz, RN, I'll definitely keep that area in mind, but will admit I feel really unsure about it. Do they have a lot of interpreters that help with the Spanish, or do a lot of the other nurses speak it and help out?

    NicuGal, no I'm not working now. I've tried getting secretary, tech, etc jobs at hospitals, but they all say I'm overqualified and won't hire me. Volunteer positions seem to all have 4-6 month waiting lists in my area. Just as I'm thinking about getting a non-nursing job, a nurse interview comes up and I put the other job on hold. It's hard to know when the timing is right to find a non-nursing job...I don't want to put them in the position of hiring/training me to only have me possibly work there for a few weeks. I'm feeling really conflicted with it all! Thanks for the good luck wishes!

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    Honestly, take anything you can get in the nursing realm to get work experience. Even if it means taking a job on a floor. The longer you go without a job of some sort the worse it looks. Volunteer work won't cut it either. I am in our hiring and retention committee and I can't tell you how many apps get tossed, especially when we are told that they didn't take any position since they were waiting for their ideal job. A person with a year of work experience will almost always win over someone who has say months without a job. Get in the door if a hospital that has a NICU and you can later transfer internally.

    Best of luck!
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    Have you looked into non hospital based nursing jobs? At a Dr's office or LTC? I am in CO right now, and it is extremely difficult for new grads to get hospital jobs here. I am only a pre-nursing student now, and hopefully it will be different in a few years, but I am going into this with my eyes wide open. NICU is my dream, but I don't expect to get it right away. My neighbor finished nursing school over 3 years ago. He went in wanting to do only ER. But he first got a job at a nursing home, then urgent care, before finally getting a spot in the ER. He never stopped looking or applying, but he made sure to take whatever he could, gain experience, and move up the ladder so to speak. He was persistent, talking to HR and nurse managers. Always making sure they saw and heard him. He made lots of contacts networking like crazy. He gives me hope that if you are skilled and persistent, you will get that dream job. Good luck!
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    Quote from tazzie1026
    Albany Medical Center in NY takes new grads
    This is a blast from the past. I grew up in NY, and my father worked at Albany Med (though not as a nurse). But I met many nurses that worked there.
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    Does anybody feel like starting out in pediatric home care would leave the door open for NICU in the future? I have a good number of classmates who got hired at a local pediatric home care agency and they are encouraging me to apply, but I worry that home care is a tough place to start out as a new grad, and that it not being acute care may have a negative impact on finding a hospital job at some point.

    I still have a few possibilities for NICU right now, but if they don't work, I'm feeling ready to give in and find something else.
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    Quote from Bortaz, RN
    If you're truly willing to move anywhere, you might look into the Rio Grande Valley of Texas (McAllen, specifically). The NICUs own here will hire new grads. It's the armpit of the country, but it might get you into the NICU. I, personally, cannot wait to leave here, but your experience may differ from mine. It's been a long 9 years living here, but at least I'll leave with 5 years of Level 3 experience.
    The hospitals are horrible, understaffed, little or no modern equipment, mostly foreign-trained nurses, pathetic management, etc etc etc. It's right on the border with a 3rd world country. There's Mexican drug cartel violence and gang violence. But, it's only around an hour from South Padre Island!
    I thought NJ was the armpit of America lol
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    Nah. Just the shoulder blade.
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