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Calling all New Grad NICU nurses...thanks to a thread started by NurseDevonL, we have decided to start a support group. Hopefully some of our more experienced NICU nurses will look in every so often... Read More

  1. by   nurseknc12
    I just got offered my DREAM job in the NICU!!! I am soooo happy. I start Nov. 8th.
  2. by   Fall.out.nerd
    Just finished my 8th day as a new grad in the NICU and came out feeling like I'm never going to learn everything I need to be a good NICU nurse and that I really didn't deserve this opportunity.

    Anyone else feeling this way?
  3. by   karnicurnc
    As a clinical preceptor with 12 years of level III NICU experience I can tell you that it will take a year or more to feel comfortable in the unit. There is no way to completely prepare yourself for every situation in an ever-changing environment that is the NICU. Even after your orientation is finished you will, and should be, nervous. It is called healthy fear and it keeps you on your toes. That being said, don't be too hard on yourself. You are in a learning environment. Ask lots of questions and try to enjoy the experience.
  4. by   Bortaz, RN
    Three years in and I still find new stuff to learn every day. Sometimes I still have nights where I'm overwhelmed and feel incompetent. I don't anticipate that changing anytime soon.
  5. by   littlepeopleRNICU
    I feel like it has been eternity since I found out I got the job...I start this Tuesday! I am so excited!! Starting to get a bit nervous though. I was so happy leaving my (hopefully) last shift in the adult world yesterday. I can't wait!
  6. by   mmel025
    I took my NCLEX Oct. 11th, I started working on the NICU floor on Oct. 22. I've had three shifts so far... My first day was good but I felt so incompetent changing TPN lines and keeping sterility. My preceptor made me change sterile gloves 3 times. She was nice but I could tell she was getting frustrated since she couldn't go to lunch and I was wasting time. Drawing labs from a UAC also gave me problems. Remembering all the steps and switching the ports off to draw labs and whatnot. Everyone keeps telling me it takes 6 months before you feel confident in NICU? Anyone have any must read books for helping me in NICU? I'm comfortable taking care of Level II babies and I've successfully done peripheral sticks 2/2 times (once on a premi)!!
  7. by   Calabria
    My first day working on the unit with my preceptor is tomorrow! I'm so nervous and excited! I've had 2 years of experience in mother/baby, so newborns aren't completely new to me as a population, but I know I'm going to see so much more here than I have in the past!
  8. by   AustieMarie RN
    Hello everyone, This thread has been very uplifting to read. I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN and started immediately in the NICU. I was so excited! Out of 67 applicants, 4 of us were chosen and I was one of them! I couldn't believe it! My dream job!!! Then I had my first day... My preceptor was terrible, she ignored me and sat and gossiped with the other nurses and made me feel very unwelcome. My other preceptor was worse and I felt like I made a huge mistake and spent most days crying after work. Then I failed my NCLEX in July and had to leave the unit to work as a PCA on postpartum... They were so nice and wonderful and made me never want to leave them and my confidence came back... I retook my NCLEX and with the help of Kaplan, I passed! It was time to go back to the NICU and move to night shift. I have two awesome preceptors but one of them, my manager feels is not a strong nurse and will teach me bad habits so she no longer gets to precept me... I am now with 6 different preceptors and they all want me to do things their way... My preceptor yesterday said, after only being with me twice, says she doesn't think I have the right personality to work in intensive care! I am so discouraged right now! I read all of your posts on here and I'm wondering if it's me or if, maybe if, I was somewhere else and was getting proper training and encouragement that it would be different! I need advice! I'm reading NICU books and learning as much as I can but I feel like our NRP was kind of a joke... 3 hours and we are supposed to know how to run a code? I passed but I feel like if it was real then I wouldn't know what to do... The girls are clicky and if I make even one mistake the whole unit knows about it! I have one amazing preceptor and she says I am improving so much but I still don't feel like I am ready to be on my own! I thought about pulling this thread up at work during my down time and reminding a few of them that they were new once too! Thank you all for your posts... It gives me hope... At this point I also feel like I plan to stay a year and then move on! I KNOW that this is my dream job and I am not going to let anyone take it from me or make me think I can't do it! Good luck to all of you and I hope my story changes to become as uplifting as your stories are!!
  9. by   AustieMarie RN
    Yes!! I definitely feel this way! I just posted to thread
  10. by   AustieMarie RN
    I feel your pain I am a new grad and in a NICU and my 15 wks at 3 days a wk are almost up and they will probably fire me too.... The preceptor can make or break the experience..... I have 4 wks to save my job.... Advice?
  11. by   AustieMarie RN
    One of the best posts on here.... Just passed the NCLEX in September and I highly value my license
  12. by   AustieMarie RN
    [QUOTE=Old.Timer.;4396371]I think creating a new grad support thread was an excellent idea - it is a stressful transition. The precursor to this thread was a thread looking for e-mail pen pal for new NICU nurses. It was also suggested in that thread that maybe more experienced nurses could check in and offer support and advice every so often which is why I am butting in, even though I am new to the forum. I'm going to assume that most of you on this thread practically grew up on the internet, facebook, blogs etc and are quite comfortable sharing information about yourselves. However, it is imperative that you monitor all aspects of your online activity to ensure that you are not inadvertently placing your hospital, co-workers and self at legal risk with information shared online. You need to consider info available in totality, even if it is not listed in one entry. There is mention in the original pen pal thread directing readers to a blog. That blog lists, item by item, all of the errors that occurred on a specific day at work and makes mention that there was "obvious harm done to the patient." I believe the author assumes she is okay since she doesn't use her name on her blog. She does not have to....she has already given readers all they need to know. She has told anyone reading her blog, exactly what problems occurred in the NICU of a specific hospital on a specific day and shift. This is the stuff that will give the risk management and legal department of that hospital a coronary, understandably so. Someone did not stop and think. If anyone is in touch with the blog author, I would recommend contacting her to suggest she remove certain entries. We all need to carefully consider any info we post pertaining to specifics of our professional life. [/QUOTE Best post on here!
  13. by   nurseknc12
    Tomorrow is my first day on the NICU floor! I cannot wait, sooo excited. I am working at the hospital that I did my preceptorship at, so I cannot wait to see everyone again.