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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I have decided to start the process of becoming a Neonatal NP, however, my research says I have to have 2 years NICU experience. I've been a RN for 15 months and the NICU has always been my calling, but I've not been able to get a job on the unit as of yet. I've been told that they are only seeking experienced NICU question is how to gain experience without having experience? I've even been told we take New of course I fall in the middle of no longer being considered a New Grad and not having experience.

    I believe the NICU is where God called me to be so I'm still pursuing my passion but I just wanted to know from the experienced NICU RNs any advice to get my foot in the door. I'm willing to work my way up and I'm very eager to learn. It just feels like a slap in the face to hear we hire New Grads and are you sure you have to have 2 years NICU experience to get your NP? I'm not giving up but I wanted to reach out to my Allnurses family because I know I'll get such great advice on how to proceed.

    Thanks for everything,

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  3. by   babyNP.
    Yup, in order to become board certified.

    In this economy, have you considered moving to a new area with more opportunities?
  4. by   laynaER
    Why don't you start out in pediatrics, pediatric i.c.u, labor & delivery, or newborn nursery? Those are great paths to head down if you want to be a NICU nurse! Labor & Delivery, newborn nursery, and NICU are like sister specialties. They're all connected in some way so if you can't land a position in NICU, if you can land one in L&D, chances are likely you will come in contact with nurses from the NICU and/or the NICU supervisor. Excellent way to network. You'll always be aware of an open position and better yet, if you show interest in NICU they'll have you in mind when a position becomes available. Good luck!
  5. by   NICU1209
    Thanks babyRN, however, my family and I aren't in a position to move right now, but thanks for the tip. LaynaER, thanks for the great advice. I will start looking in those departments as well. I just want to learn and I love working with newborns, so any opportunity the becomes available I will be all over it! Thanks again to the both of you, I knew I would get some great advice from my allnurses family!

    Thanks again,