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needle size, IM injection neonate

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    I am a nursing student with an assignment and my book seems worthless. What size needle is used for an IM injection for a neonate? Specifically, the injection is the initial Vit. K injection.
    Please respond both privately (email) and in thread.

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    not larger than a 25ga. 27 would be better.
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    25 ga. here too. (we don't have 27s) but definitely nothing larger than a 25.
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    Agree with the above posters.

    The exact size we use is 27 gauge, 1/4 inch long. Of course we don't go all 1/4 inches in on all the babies (depends on the infant's size).

    This is the sized used for all our injections - vitamin K, vaccines, lovenox, and antibiotics.
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    yep 27 gauge here also.
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    we use 25 guage without going in all of the way
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    We just finished a trial of new 30 g, 1/4 in needles that are replacing our 27g for all IM injections. We love them!!:spin: