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Need NICU nursing pocket guide!!

  1. 0 [font=book antiqua]hello! i am new to the nicu and i am looking for one of those little spiral manuals or pocket manual (fairly small to carry around) about nicu nursing. i have been going to stores and i can only find "maternal-neonatal" guides that are 80% about maternal.
    [font=book antiqua]please let me know any recommendations...

    [font=book antiqua]also, what would be a good full size book for a nicu nurse? is merenstein & gardner's handbook of neonatal intensive care any good?

    [font=book antiqua]thanks
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    Don't know of any good pocket books but check out they sell small cards packed with info, mainly about meds but have some abg info, intubation info and vent info as well as general vitals for nicu, they also sell a nrp card and peds/pals cards. I have mine attached to my badge for quick reference
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    Thank you for your replies. My unit had provided me with the survival card I would appreciate if anyone would advise me on a pocket book. Thank you.
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    You might also look into iPhone apps.