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I am a junior nursing student with one more year to go! This past semester, I had the opportunity to visit the NICU a few times during my OB clinical rotation and I loved everything about it! After... Read More

  1. by   Bortaz, RN
    This guy was so interested he never returned after making his thread two weeks ago.
  2. by   Wanahakalugi
    I am about to start my last year of Nursing School and know that the NICU is where I want to work as well. I am located in Roanoke Virginia at the CRMH (3rd Largest NICU in VA with 60 beds; not sure why that matters....) and my Son spent some time up there in February with Premature Lung Disease. That was when I knew I wanted to work there. I became close with the staff and found out that they crave male nurses. They have had 2 there in the past couple of years and currently have none at all.

    I have heard the "stigma" that is put on Male nurses and honestly, I am secure at 24 with a wife and 3 kids that it doesn't bother me. Granteed I have not graduated or passed the NCLEX-RN yet, but the stigma is still there as a male nursing student as well. There are 7 other men in my current class of 60ish and we all know what it will bring.

    As a dad myself, I found it comforting that the male nurse that was working there was able to care for our kiddo. Not that he was more compitent or anything, just that he could relate to my mind set. I don't know, digging a hole with the ladies out there, but I think that the stigma is over rated and you shouldn't have any issue with the possition.
  3. by   Austin1990
    You are most certainly not alone! I am graduating from nursing school in a couple weeks here with my BSN and I have an interview with a level III NICU as well. I am also in the middle of my practicum in a NICU setting as well. I absolutely love it! The women on the unit don't seem to have a problem with me at all. They actually enjoy having another guy on the unit. Neonatal nursing was my favorite part of OB rotation. Plus, I am a sucker for critical care. Combining the two just made sense for me!

    Good luck man! And it's also great knowing you want to work on getting your RNC-NIC and NNP. That's something I plan on doing as well!
  4. by   Bortaz, RN
    They'll appreciate you when they need the water bottle changed in the lounge.