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long term prognosis of pulm htn babies

  1. 0 I am just curious about the long term prognosis of preemies who develop chronic pulm htn as a result of being very premature. Can they ever outgrow it to the point of not needing O2 anymore? Do they improve as they get older, or is it a stagnant condition? Thanks!
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    This sounds like a question you should ask a physician or NNP. I believe we are not allowed to speak to the prognosis of any given medical problem on on this website. You should consult a textbook or a physician regarding your question.
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    Okay-- just wondering as I am a new home health nurse and many of the clients are former preemies who have this issue. Thanks anyway.
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    Hi anon, it depends on the degree of pulmonary hypertension as well as other comorbidities such as cardiac anomalies or chronic lung disease. Some kiddos are able to wean off completely by age 2-3.