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Kangaroo care - page 2

Hi great ones(everyone is):D I would like to know if you`ve got protocol about Kangaroo care or skin to skin contact(i.e.weight,overall wellness etc.)?Anyone who can recommend a good website about... Read More

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    We do kangaroo care if the baby is not intubated and no umbilical lines.
    We dont have a written policy but the baby has to be fairly stable and not on too much oxygen.
    We dont have any weight limits.
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    Man, we do Kangaroo with just about evey type of line/situation. We can K-care with UAC/UVC's, PALs, intubated, NCPAP, PIV, NC, frequent A/B's, temp instability, pressor drips, chest tubes, etc, etc. We need an order to K-care with arterial lines but that's never a problem. Hood O2 babies usually don't K-care, but we could if we wanted to for a brief time with BBO2. Hifi and Oscillators don't K-care. It's just about always nurses' discretion.

    We've had fresh 23 weekers with mulitple lines K-care because we thought the baby was going to die within a few days. Took a few nurses to transfer the baby over but she tolerated it.
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    Kangarooing with a chest tube? Wow!! Our doc's usually want arterial lines out, but intubated babies were ok as long as they were somewhat stable.
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    I've seen babies breastfeed with chest tubes!