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I keep seeing references in threads to Isolette covers, like they're a specific thing. We use... blankets. Often it's the same hospital-issue blankets we use to swaddle, make beds/rolls, etc. You know, the white ones with teal... Read More

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    I don't see how it is any more of a fire risk than a cover over an incubator. And, at least for my unit, a heated cot is merely a cot with a temperature-controlled water matress (we slide these into covers with bumpers on the edges so the babies don't roll all over the place...even though they still try!).

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    Elizabells, Iso covers are a big part of developmental care, esp if one is working in a an open room NICU where if you tunr on lights for one, you turn on the lights for many!! I traveled last year and saw them used everywhere I worked. The companies who make the isolettes do sell their covers, but they tend to be white or white with print and made of fabrics that can go through the hospital laundry. Of course, over time they get yukky looking and need to be replaced. Some units separate out baby clothes and developmental linen and have a washer and dryer and do these items in the NICU to avoid putting these things in the hosp laundry where they get faded and ruined. My unit does this and over the years we have collected an amazing stash of beautiful donated preemie clothes, bedding, etc. I sew and have made 40 iso covers and at least that many bassinet and big kid crib covers. I sew them out of two pieces of fleece, a disnet print on one side and a matching solid colr fleece on the other. If you do your own laundry, this is the way to go as the fleece is as soft and the prin ts as bright as the day I made them . . . over two years ago. (You have to know which fleece to get AND buy it when it's half price so this is affordable!!) I have made covers to fit all types of isolettes, including the giraffe. Parents and staff love them and it makes the unit appear homier. You can see some of mine featured at Expand the page so you can see the heading for Isolette covers. I am debating having my own web page and selling them myself, because the cost would be much cheaper without her markup. Material on sale makes cost $35/a cover. I would sell them for $60. They are no brainers to sew, it is just time consuming to prepare the fleece, cut it, pin and stitch. The parents delight, thoug, and the benefit in decreasing sound and light to baby make them worth the effort. Any other questions, let me know.
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    Correction, (I should proof my writing before sending) . . . It is a Disney or baby print on one side, ( they have so many great choices, like Curious George, Disney Princesses, Care Bears, My Little Pony) and a matching solid color fleece on the other. I zigzag stitch the two together and put holes and slits where needed to anchor them to the top of the Giraffe.
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    We use hand made quilts that have been donated by a local company. They only cover the top of the isolette, but work better than cotton baby blankets. They are a nice gift that goes home with the baby.
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    Our child life has volunteers that make us ours...they have the split front cover for easy access and they make them specific for our isolettes so that we can access the holes for our lines.
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    As a NICU RN for over 20 years, I have worked in several different units and used a variety of covers on isolettes. Most of them were donated by different volunteer groups. Some worked better than others. In an effort to provide my current unit with some consistently well-made covers that are developmentally appropriate (blocking noise and light) and durable enough to stand up to the rigorous laundry process we put our linens through, I came up with a design that uses recycled scrubs backed with fleece.

    A pdf of the instructions is available here: Isolette Covers
    All proceeds from the sale are used to purchase supplies to keep making the covers for our 65-bed NICU.

    Thanks for your support and happy stitching.
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    We just use large blankets (which usually end up falling on the floor and having to be replaced). There is a group that makes blankets and hats for our unit and we also have some that were donated to us. If all else fails, we use those white hospital blankets with the stripes. We have giraffe isolettes and the brand makes special covers for those beds, but I don't see my unit buying those any time soon lol. We have washers on our unit for the "pretty linen."
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    My son was in the NICU for 16 weeks and we got to take home the handmade quilt that covered his isolet. It's a great memento from a difficult time. We're 10 years out and it still feels like yesterday. You NICU nurses are the best!!!
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    We just use the standard swaddling blankets as well, but most of the time parents will bring in nice ones or volunteers make the heavier quilted blankets to put over the giraffes.

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